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BORA Classic: ergonomics and efficiency redefined

Press release

BORA Classic: ergonomics and efficiency redefined

BORA Classic: ergonomics and efficiency redefined

The BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH developers have taken the BORA principle (the cooktopextractor draws vapours away directly from where they are created) and designed BORA Classic, aneffective, functional and aesthetically outstanding product. This makes dream kitchens a reality. Thisis because the second product range offers the ideal conditions for designing customised kitchens:the Classic product impresses with a streamlined appearance, high-quality stainless steel and thesmallest installation dimensions, which even enable worktops with a depth of 600 mm. This designfreedom makes it possible to realise even extraordinary and individual ideas that do away withmediocrity.

The intelligent, touch-operated controls highlight BORA Classic’s innovation and functionality andblend seamlessly into the design of modern kitchen units. Tasteful cover plates underline theminimalistic appearance. As standard, the cooktop extractor comes with a split cover plate, which theclient can replace with the air inlet grille for an even more striking look. Both covers are made frombrushed stainless steel. The volume of extracted air can be set to three different levels and individualcooktops, into which the refined BORA Classic cooktop extractor is embedded, can be selected.Simple use and cleaning round off the cooking experience: all moving parts of the cooktop extractorcan be removed in a few simple steps and easily washed in the dishwasher.

In launching the Classic range, BORA is once again combining physics and design and offering cooktop extractors that can be installed either flush or surface mounted in all wood, natural stone or stainless steel worktops. The technology disappears into the floor unit without reducing the available storage space. BORA products are extremely quiet. Even at the highest setting, it only generates 54 decibels of noise. In comparison, frying meat generates around 70 decibels. BORA systems therefore go wonderfully with the trend for open-plan living areas and kitchens.

Classic wok: a hint of Asia in the kitchen

BORA Classic can be combined with a large range of cooktops, including induction glass ceramic wokcooktops. Ambitious amateur chefs draw inspiration from recipes from all over the world, includingincreasingly from Asia. A new product range addition created in line with this development enablesBORA to optimally fulfil customer requirements. The power level of the BORA wok cooktop can befinely adjusted all the way from the lowest power setting to the highest one of 3,000 watts. Cleaningis also simple as the surface has no joints. The Classic wok cooktop has a diameter of 250 mm andcan also be controlled using an intelligent touch control.

Innovative heating technology: Tepan stainless steel grill now also for BORA Classic

Since 2014, the BORA Classic has also been available with a Tepan stainless steel grill. The fullsurfaceheating technology achieves impressive grilled results on a 6 mm thick plate made from deepdrawn,brushed stainless steel. The shape of the heating elements is perfectly tailored to the cookingzones so that the plate can be evenly heated through, responds more flexibly and reaches the targettemperature more quickly. At 2,800 watts, the spacious cooking zone can even be used to evenlybrown large pieces of meat on all sides. The rounded inner corners make cleaning the cooktop simpleand effortless. The power can be set to nine different levels using an attractive control knob.

red dot award for BORA Classic

In 2012, BORA Classic won the coveted red dot product design award. The judging panel wasimpressed by the impression, feel and function of the cooktops and the patented extractor. BORALüftungstechnik GmbH therefore once again demonstrated its skills and expertise throughcomparison with other renowned, international designers.

About the company:

Since 2007, BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, headquartered in Raubling, Upper Bavaria, has successfullydeveloped and sold cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards thanks to the use ofpatented technology. The innovative BORA Basic, BORA Classic and BORA Professional productranges are now sold in 58 countries worldwide.

BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer has a vision: the end of the extractor hood. The patented product thathe has developed offers multiple benefits: the high-quality systems are more effective thanconventional extractor hoods, very quiet, energy saving and easy to clean. They enable maximumdesign freedom for kitchens and a clear view.

The company received its first award within the scope of the innovation contest 365 Orte im Land der Ideen (365 Places in the Land of Ideas) back in 2009, followed by the German Entrepreneurs’ Award, red dot awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Award, German Brand Award, Good Design Award and others.

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