Willi Bruckbauer: „These are the latest kitchen trends!“

Raubling. Willi Bruckbauer is a sixth generation carpenter. As the owner of the werkhaus kitchen studio in Raubling near Rosenheim, the Bavarian has been familiar with and observed his customers’ wishes for decades. Without these experiences and his analysis of what motivates people to make purchases, he would never have invented BORA ventilation systems, innovative downdraft extractors. Now sold in 60 countries worldwide, BORA products have been on the market for over ten years, and Willi Bruckbauer’s vision remains the same today as when he first started out: the end of the extractor hood. Born in Rosenheim, Willi is regarded within the industry as an innovator and driver who has transformed the cooktop extractor from a niche market to a mass product. Here, the expert offers his opinion on future developments in the kitchen.


“The kitchen has become a lifestyle!”

“The kitchen is more of a lifestyle than ever. And with this, more individual than ever too. I experience this during almost every customer consultation nowadays. Standard solutions are a thing of the past; people want the extraordinary, even if they only have a small budget. The manufacturing idea of solutions that go beyond the standards offered by major corporations has never been in greater demand. There is a desire to be different and for extraordinary solutions – and we can tell that this is a global trend. This is also in line with BORA’s spirit: innovation, courage and the vision of the end of the extractor hood.

I develop things because I want to make life in the kitchen more enjoyable for people. After all, this is a place of feelings, odours, taste and sociability. Somewhere people meet with a desire for a good quality of life. A place where many want to express their personality, as this is the most important room in the home for them, or in other words their true home. I want to give these people the technical and creative possibilities needed to make this special place as attractive as possible while also offering maximum efficiency.

Where is the trend going? As the latest developments in the real estate sector clearly show, life in the city is becoming ever more attractive to not only single people but also families and senior citizens worldwide. This means that cities are becoming cramped. The combination of less space and rising costs leads to a need for creative solutions. Inventiveness is required: who wants to visually overload a small kitchen with a bulky hood? Less is more – providing it is well-thought-out and carefully designed. One of the most important questions will be how space can be cleverly used in often openplan homes. How can you create a clever and chic design that also offers great technical efficiency in just a few square metres? The result: the trend that we have set remains unbroken as BORA offers great freedom for even small areas and has established itself as a magnet for the brand conscious. I believe we are a long way from reaching the peak of our market development.

Today, design plays a more important role in purchase decisions than it used to. The trend of being unique also means greater fragmentation. I find that consumers are more willing to experiment and try new things: from a standing start, we have succeeded in winning over thousands of people with our concept of a downdraft cooktop extractor and want to remain pioneering with our developments. We have been able to demonstrate our ability to innovate with BORA Professional 2.0, for example with floating kitchen islands, and with BORA Pure – the system for every kitchen. Other visual highlights from BORA: the BORA Basic All Black edition impresses with a matt, black air inlet nozzle with a cool, elegant, understated stainless steel look that fits perfectly with its surroundings. It radiates a certain nonchalance – the perfect match for the popular industrial style. Black is the latest hot trend. But that’s not all: BORA Pure allows the consumer to get creative as six colour options mean that individual design plans can be brought to life.

In a high-tech future, one thing will become ever more important: the need for simple solutions in even complicated conditions. Despite all the technology, even demanding customers love to keep things simple. And anyone who sees the BORA extractors working for the first time is generally amazed and thinks: “Wow, it really works. I get it!” I think this is the reason for our global success. We notice that customers and distribution partners today perceive BORA as both original and the synonym for cooktop extractors. In the real estate sector, we are treated as a new object of prestige for even the most demanding projects. I think because, despite all the technology, consumers and interior designers trust in proven quality based on experience in craftsmanship. This pays off for us: in our segment, we are regarded as a valued thinker and driver of innovation.”



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About the company:

Since 2007, BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, headquartered in Raubling, Upper Bavaria, has successfully developed and sold cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards thanks to the use of patented technology. The innovative BORA Professional, BORA Classic, BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic product ranges are sold in 60 countries worldwide.

BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer has a vision: the end of the extractor hood. The patent he developed has multiple advantages: the premium-quality systems are more effective than conventional hoods, extremely quiet, energy efficient and easy to clean. They enable maximum design freedom for kitchens and a clear view.

The company received its first award within the scope of the innovation contest “365 Orte im Land der Ideen” (365 Places in the Land of Ideas) back in 2009, followed by the German Entrepreneurs’ Award, Red Dot Awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Awards, German Brand Award, Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards and others.

For further information, please visit www.bora.com.



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