With the BORA grill pan it’s BBQ season all year round

With the BORA grill pan it’s BBQ season all year round

As soon as the first warm days of the year arrive, when the sun’s rays bathe the landscape in shimmering light, cyclists start hopping onto their saddles again and the air is filled with mouth-watering barbecue smells, you know that BBQ season has begun. With the BORA grill pan you can now enjoy perfect barbecues all year round.

The joy of perfect grilling

Barbecuing can be fun even when it isn’t warm and sunny outside. With the BORA grill pan you can achieve the best results whatever the weather or time of year. The high-quality non-stick coating makes the pan easy to clean after use and ideal for preparing low-fat meals.

The grill pan is perfectly tailored for use on BORA induction cooktops. Its impeccable workmanship ensures rapid heat distribution, and its size and properties mean that it can also be used in the BORA X BO. The scaled-down, elegant black design makes the grill pan blend in seamlessly with the BORA product range.     

The BORA grill pan is the perfect addition to your BORA cooktop extractor system or your BORA X BO steam oven. Why not treat yourself and your guests to a delicious antipasti platter with vegetables cooked on the BORA grill pan?