The evolution of BORA cooktop extractor systems

The evolution of BORA cooktop extractor systems

Between the release of the first version of our flagship product, the BORA Professional, and all of our subsequent cooktop extractor systems to date, there have been several years of tinkering, developing and gathering ideas with a view to offering the best-possible cooking experience with BORA products. Here’s how our BORA cooktop extractor systems have evolved.

How it all began – the BORA flagship product

The ‘fireplace’ (or in this case the cooktop) is the heart of every kitchen. The revolution of the kitchen as a living space began with the BORA Professional, our first cooktop extractor system which effectively draws cooking vapours and odours downwards. A revolution that is far from over for us. 

The first prototype of the BORA Professional cooktop extractor was created in 2005. One year later, we filed the patent for our flagship product with its striking stainless steel control knobs and its cover flap with control wheel (as it was still mechanically operated at the time). In 2008, the Professional cooktop extractor was launched onto the market together with the Professional gas cooktop and the Tepan stainless steel grill. The first of our two modular cooktop extractor systems was born. In parallel, we started developing the induction and ceramic cooktops to offer even more combination options.

In 2010, the Classic 1.0 joined the product range alongside the Professional 1.0 as a virtuoso with variable cooktops and intuitive touch control on the cooktop, as well as knobs for the gas element and the Tepan. Another modular system whose components are put together as a self-contained package, ready for assembly. All of these components – including the cooktop extractor, cooktops, duct, silencer, motor, wall sleeve and effective air filter – are perfectly tailored to each other to make planning, installation and care as convenient as possible. With its smaller installation dimensions, the Classic is easier to install in smaller kitchens without having to forgo the individual combination options of the Professional.

From then to now: Professional & Classic

2017 – almost 10 years after the introduction of the first BORA Professional – the evolved Professional 2.0 was launched. Unlike its predecessor, this version had an electrical cover flap which opened virtually silently and automatically when a cooking zone was switched on and closed again at the end of the cooking process. The control knobs were also modified: in this version, the temperature was displayed on the knob where it could be adjusted with a combined touch and rotation movement. Other functions and programmes, including the cooktop extractor controls, were also executed from here. Another innovation: since the launch of the Professional 2.0 there is now an All Black edition.

At BORA, the cooking experience is particularly close to our hearts so we constantly strive to improve it. As a result, in 2020 we released the latest update of the Professional range: the design highlight of the BORA Professional 3.0 is the subtle, stainless steel control knob with a black glass front and sensitive touch-operated surface with a high-definition, white LED display. All functions are easily, conveniently and intuitively activated by twisting the knob and tapping the central touch-operated surface. Furthermore, the function selection has been distributed between the cooktop and extractor knobs in such a way that only cooktop functions can be activated on the cooktop knobs and functions across the system are activated on the fan knob.

The Classic 2.0, launched on the market in 2019, took BORA’s second modular cooktop extractor system to a whole new level. Ever since, a real head-turner of this modular system has been the vertical slider sControl+, with its smooth hollow, which enables precise, intuitive operation. The deep black operating panel is virtually invisible in standby mode. The power level of the extractor automatically adjusts to current cooking conditions. The BORA Classic 2.0 boasts an impressive operating panel with context sensitivity, which uses colours, dark/light switching, acoustic signals and targeted animations. The extractor can be combined individually with one, two or more cooktops.

History of the compact systems

In 2013, the BORA Basic became the third product line to join the BORA range. A functional unit was made from a high-performance cooktop with convenient touch control and an effective cooktop extractor with a round air inlet nozzle – a cooktop and extractor rolled into one. The first BORA compact system. As well as being easy and quick to plan and install, another advantage of these systems is that they don’t take up much storage space in the floor units.

The next compact system, the BORA Pure, has brought more colour into the kitchen since 2019 with its colourful air inlet nozzles. Thanks to the central touch control and optimum arrangement of the cooking zones, there is enough room for four pans measuring up to 24 cm. One year later, the BORA X Pure was introduced. This version features a distinctive black air inlet nozzle and particularly large surface induction cooking zones. The smallest and latest addition to our compact family is the BORA S Pure, which has been installed in many smaller kitchens since 2021. Its four different-sized and asymmetrically arranged cooking zones can accommodate pots and pans of all conventional dimensions.

Today, we can safely say that the revolution of the kitchen as a living space is far from over for us. We are constantly improving our products and coming up with new ideas, technologies and designs.