Effective air extraction for extraordinarily long-lasting freshness – BORA QVac

Effective air extraction for extraordinarily long-lasting freshness – BORA QVac

The BORA QVac can be used to vacuum seal food in the one and two-litre vacuum boxes provided. 

The built-in BORA QVac vacuum sealer keeps food fresh for up to three times longer. This provides an easy way for you to reduce food waste. Vacuum sealing retains both its delicious taste and its wonderfully fresh appearance.  

Vacuum sealing for less food waste 

From fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to sauces, soups and stews, raw or cooked – vacuum sealing makes it possible to keep food for longer without it losing its natural taste or consistency. Once in air-tight packaging, food is protected against environmental influences such as bacteria as well as the flavours of other food stored next to it in the refrigerator, for example. This keeps vacuum-sealed food fresh for up to three times longer.  

For optimum shelf life, vacuum sealing can be combined with freezing – this also avoids freezer burn. Vacuum sealing food with the BORA QVac then cooking it in the BORA X BO using the special programme ‘sous-vide cooking’ enables you to achieve professional-standard results with little effort. The BORA QVac has three functions: vacuum sealing in vacuum boxes and vacuum bags, resealing bottles and marinating. 

The vacuum seal keeps liquids and drinks consumable for longer.

Not just functions – special effects 

Thanks to the innovative and unique installation concept, the BORA QVac doesn’t take up any of the coveted space on your kitchen work surfaces: like the substructure for the cooktop extractors, the device is fitted below the worktop. The built-in vacuum sealer can be installed either flush or surface mounted.  

Special accessories and functions such as the BORA marinating ring or the auto-stop function improve your cooking experience. The marinating ring, which is placed on one of the associated vacuum boxes, creates a vacuum. This opens the pores in the food more quickly so it takes a maximum of ten minutes for the marinade to absorb. The vacuum seal furthermore keeps bottled liquids such as wine or oil usable for longer after they have been opened. 

The auto-stop function automatically switches off the vacuuming system once the correct vacuum level has been reached. An acoustic signal indicates when the vacuuming process is complete. 

The BORA QVac comes in two different designs guaranteed to fit into any kitchen: stainless steel and All Black. The vacuum boxes supplied are BPA free as well as microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.