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News 28.11.2018

The new BORA Magazine

Enjoy some light reading and get to know BORA products, learn more about the principle and interesting contributions to architecture, designer kitchens, cooking and the BORA – hansgrohe cycling team: the new BORA Magazine is available both in printed and digital form.

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News 20.11.2018

10|10 Champion Edition

Cooking like a cycling champion

Eating healthy does not have to be complicated. With 10|10, we have developed a principle for everyone: Healthy and tasty dishes that everyone can whip up easily. The all take 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. A healthy, balanced diet is essential, especially for athletes. It promotes well-being, lifts the mood, supports performance and helps with recovery and healing processes. At races and in training camps, our boys are looked after by nutritionists and cooks of the BORA –...

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News 20.11.2018


New TV commercials attract international attention

BORA is becoming known to more and more people. BORA is introduced into more and more kitchens! In order to further support our vision of the end of the extractor hood, in 2019 we will be driving several TV campaigns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries. On Eurosport, we can even be seen in over 51 countries.

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News 20.11.2018

BORA – hansgrohe 2018 yearbook

Cycling success and team spirit in pictures

With 27 men from 10 countries pursuing one goal, team spirit guarantees great emotions, spectacular moments of happiness and community success. In the second WorldTour year under the BORA – hansgrohe flag, our team again inspired, surprised and spoiled us with successes which we would not have dreamed of a few years ago: they won the first Monument in Roubaix, donned the first yellow jersey in team history and finished Tour de France by winning the green jersey. The team has won a total of 33...

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