General questions about BORA

You can purchase BORA products from our professional retail partners in kitchen studios, joinery firms and furniture stores. With our retailer search you can find your nearest BORA partner quickly and simply. BORA GP4 is exclusively available from nobilia retailers. Link to nobilia retailer search.

The normal manufacturer's warranty is 2 years. In addition to this, we offer you the chance to extend your warranty.

Yes, BORA offers an extended warranty for all appliances. Extending the warranty by another year to give a total warranty period of three years is free of charge.

Go to To register your system, you need the registration code or the FD number. This can be found on your appliance’s sticker, nameplate or product insert. 

The warranty can be extended at any time within the two-year manufacturer’s warranty period. The manufacturer's warranty comes into effect when your BORA system is installed. Specify the installation date when registering your system.

Yes, the warranty extension applies to all BORA product lines that are registered within two years of installation.

No, you only need to register one of the cooktop extractors. The warranty then covers the whole system  (cooktop extractor/cooktops through to the pipes and wall sleeve. For further details, please see the warranty conditions).

You can find the warranty conditions under the following link:

Either from your local BORA retail partner in store or in our online shop.

No, BORA products are only intended for use in private households.

Questions about humidity

Relative humidity gives the saturation level of the air at the current temperature. Warm air can take up more water, cold air can take up less water. I.e. cold air is saturated more quickly. For a comfortable heat, the relative humidity lies between 25 and 60% at a room temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

In compliance with current building standards and the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV and DIN 4108), mould formation is excluded when using BORA air circulation or exhaust systems in old and new buildings, and in a normal indoor climate. Wood and kitchen components, as well as other components, are not damaged. In general: Observe the general instructions in BORA’s assembly documentation for air circulation and exhaust operation!