Ask the BORA chef! Get our deliciously tasty 5|5 recipes and tips

Ask the BORA chef – BORA chef Iva answers your questions

Do you love cooking with your BORA system but could still use a few tips and tricks from a professional chef? Or have you only heard about BORA recently and aren’t 100% convinced that our cooktop extractor systems can really do everything we say? If you're wondering what happens if pasta water boils over into the extractor or how to clean the Tepan stainless steel grill, don’t worry, BORA chef Iva answers the five most frequently asked questions in our video.


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How much room does the X BO provide for cooking, baking and steaming?
What can you do with the classic function on the BORA X BO?
What are the advantages of steam cooking?
Is it possible to cook an extensive menu on the cooktop with the extractor in the middle?
How do I clean the Tepan stainless steel grill?
Can damp or mould form where a recirculation system is used?
What happens if liquid gets into the extractor?

Ask the BORA chef – favourite recipes according to the 5|5 principle

Not only does our BORA chef Iva have the right answers to your questions, but she also creates recipes according to the BORA 5|5 principle – 5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to cook. Varied, easy to make and, of course, really tasty! And to top it all, they meet the BORA Choice nutritional guidelines.