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Meet the cooking revolution in Sydney

The BORA principle: Steam and odours are drawn off where they arise - straight at the cooktop, directly from the saucepan, roaster, pan or grill. BORA uses a cross flow that is stronger than the speed at which the cooking vapours arise - simple and effective.

All BORA cooktop extractors allow you to indulge in a new type of kitchen freedom. The perfect combination of a highly efficient cooktop extractor and a powerful cooktop will draw you with attractive aesthetics without blocking your view. BORA is the perfect solution for every kind of space. You can choose your cooktop according to your individual cooking preferences. Be it ceran, induction, surface induction gas or tepan.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to experience Down Draft in Down Under in person? Visit our showroom in Sydney.


BORA Showroom in Sydney

100 Victoria Road
Drummoyne NSW 2047


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