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BORA Steam cooking and baking systems

We are passionate about steam.

Having developed the revolutionary BORA extraction technology, we are now using steam in its finest form – for cooking. The BORA X BO – the steam oven and professional appliance for the household sector – is bringing the new comfort of cooking into the kitchen.




Whether you want crispy roasts, delicious vegetables or light and airy, golden croissants: thanks to its gentle, uniform steam production, the BORA X BO Flex oven guarantees perfect cooking results – even when rustling up three fully loaded trays at once! The automatic steam extraction prevents hot steam from escaping into the room when you open the door. The BORA X BO can be used for roasting, baking, steaming and much more besides. At the same time, it is extremely easy to operate and even cleans itself spotlessly after use!


BORA multi-drawer



The heat drawer that can do more. The BORA multi-drawer can meet all your needs when it comes to heating up food and crockery – and do a fair bit more too. The clear touchscreen operating panel makes the appliance extremely simple to use while the handy pre-sets make it easier to regenerate or defrost food as well as to keep it warm. Even low-temperature cooking is possible. Combining the BORA multi-drawer with a BORA X BO Flex oven and its numerous settings expands the range of functions even further.


In perfect company

Embedded within the timeless aesthetics of modern kitchen design and in close proximity to our cooktop extraction systems, the X BO is the ideal addition for an all-encompassing cooking experience. A professional steam oven and cooktop extraction system can be seamlessly combined to form a complete ensemble that brings together the benefits of the latest cooking techniques with those of effective vapour extraction technology. Discover more about the new comfort of cooking and get inspired by our kitchen designs.