General questions about the flex oven and the multi-drawers

Yes, for the BORA X BO too, end customers have the chance to make use of the 2+1 warranty extension by registering. A corresponding information sheet with exact instructions is included with the BORA X BO. 

Product BORA X BO

Steam extraction gives you a clear view: the steam is automatically extracted through the back of the oven chamber before the door is opened. This prevents the user from being enveloped in a cloud of hot steam and prevents odours from forming. The best results are obtained when the steam is allowed to be completely drawn away. 

The four food supports, odour filter and cleaning cartridges provided upon delivery of the BORA X BO are available from your retail partner.

Four food supports are included: two universal trays, an oven rack and a perforated stainless steel steamer tray.

Yes. This prevents children from switching on the BORA X BO accidentally while playing. Users can activate the childproofing feature in the settings, where they can also set a PIN. This must be entered to disable the childproofing feature, operate the appliance as normal again and access all functions.

Universal tray, oven rack, perforated stainless steel steam tray, cleaning cartridges and odour filter.

The frame is similar to RAL 9005 ‘jet black’ and the colour designation of the glass front is ‘dark grey’.

No, only the predefined messages are available, which cannot be added to or changed.

No, that is not possible.

The inside of the universal tray measures 38 x 32 cm and so is suitable for any sheet cake recipe. A ready-made pizza base will also fit without any issues. 

The food supports can be cleaned by hand using a degreasing cleaning product, hot water and a soft brush or sponge, before drying them with a soft cloth. However, they can all be cleaned at the same time in the dishwasher by placing them upside down and ensuring that no other objects come into contact with them. 

No, that’s fine. It can hold a total weight of up to 22.5 kg.

No, that is not possible.


To be on the safe side, this should be measured in advance as not all standard niches are the same. The BORA X BO can usually be installed inside a 60-cm deep standard oven unit. An unobstructed 160 cm² ventilation cross-section from the plinth is to be taken into consideration, as well as a distance from the back of the appliance to the wall of at least 30 mm.

Installation of a non-BORA cooktop above the BORA X BO is not recommended due to possible interference and would be at the user’s own risk. Installation under a BORA cooktop is not possible due to restrictions in terms of space and insufficient ventilation, which would be the case with this set-up; other appliances (dishwasher, built-in coffee machine, etc.) can be installed above or below the BORA X BO if the specifications for installing the BORA X BO and the other appliance are taken into account. 


Yes, the BORA X BO needs to be on for Wi-Fi updates.

The BORA X BO CANNOT be installed under a BORA cooktop extractor system as the heat radiated may damage the components of the BORA cooktop extractor system: the operating and power electronics of BORA components must not be exposed to temperatures over 65°C.

Yes, the BORA X BO can only be operated with mains water and waste water connections. It is possible to present the BORA X BO in a display without it being connected to the water supply. 

1. Water
Mains water connection – ¾” connection;
¾” waste water pipe siphon connector, 19 to 22 mm hose connection, maximum waste water pipe length – 2,5 m, must not be extended, only use the hoses provided;
2. Electricity
Single-phase 220–240 V supply voltage, 1 x 16 A, A fuse protection, two-phase 380–415 V supply voltage, 2 x 16 A fuse protection, 50 Hz frequency, maximum 6.1 kW power consumption, maximum 6.1 kW power rating


The recipes in the automatic programmes always serve 4 people and for the time being cannot be adapted in the appliance settings. Information on this can be found on page 26 of the manual.

‘Regenerate’ refers to warming up food. On the BORA X BO, this function is also shown as ‘Reheat’ and can be found in the ‘Special’ section.

You can create your own dishes in the ‘Automatic’ section by changing an existing recipe or you can create a completely new dish.

No, there is absolutely no danger of burns from the front of the BORA X BO door. The temperature of the front of the door is checked during the approval test and must meet standard requirements so that the user is not at risk of burns.

The BORA X BO informs the user that intensive cleaning is required, or the time until the next intensive cleaning can be seen on the appliance. There is an animated film for intensive cleaning under Settings in the device. During intensive cleaning the BORA X BO cleaning cartridge is screwed into the space provided in the oven rack. The cleaning process is started by selecting the intensive cleaning programme. It takes 3 hours 45 minutes. Hot steam and the environmentally friendly active ingredients in the BORA X BO cleaning cartridge descale and clean thoroughly, promoting a long service life. The cartridge made from recyclate can be disposed of as plastic waste after use and recycled. 

Yes, it can: in this case, the pump motor and fan stop running, similar to when the door of a dishwasher is opened when it is in operation. The pump motor and fan stop running, similar to when the door of a dishwasher is opened when it is in operation. 

Warning – risk of burns!
As the appliance and cleaning solution get very hot (90–95°C), there is a risk of burns! Never touch the hot interior surfaces of the oven chamber or the heating element. 

This function should be used every time steam has been generated in the oven. 

Yes, the BORA X BO also has this function, which is automatically activated when the BORA X BO is switched off. This is to regenerate the filter and dry different areas of the system more thoroughly. This after-run function cannot be seen on the display, nor can it be deactivated, interrupted or switched off; in the BORA X BO it is barely audible so will not generate any noise levels that are unpleasant to the user.

No, this is neither possible nor necessary as the door is sealed and so no cleaning is required.

The water hardness – ‘soft’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’ – can be selected from the ‘Water settings’ submenu in the settings. Further information on the applicable degree of hardness can usually be found on the regional water supplier’s website. 

Yes, this is recommended as soft water obtained in this way prevents limescale build-up in the appliance and means that the cleaning cycles do not need to be run so often. The actual degree of hardness is determined in the BORA X BO settings and so the appropriate cleaning interval parameters are activated.  

At present this is not possible. However, this is conceivable for the future. 

Unneeded or used accessories such as activated charcoal filters should be disposed of properly, taking into account regional regulations. This information can also be found in the operating and installation instructions.

The user is always informed about available updates by a message in the display. They confirm this in the same way as they would on a smartphone or similar device. 

No, this process must be prompted manually by clicking on the available update message in the top right of the display. The user will then be guided through the automatic installation.

Yes, this process must be carried out as the router has a new IP address and the BORA X BO will not recognise it automatically. This process is the same as with all other smart devices such as mobiles and laptops that are also connected to Wi-Fi.

It leads to the technical service contact page with a UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number) and email address. 

Yes, it can be very easily read on the display under the ‘System’ and ‘Updates’ menu items and is shown as a serial number.