The BORA M Pure offers additional flexibility

The BORA M Pure offers additional flexibility

The new BORA M Pure is the most flexible of the compact cooktop extractor systems. Pots, pans and other cookware of all shapes and sizes fit perfectly onto the cooktops. Roasts for festive meals can be placed on the surface induction cooktop on the right while the left cooktop optimally detects small pans or even espresso makers thanks to the circular induction zones.  

The perfect blend

The new BORA M Pure is a logical progression from our popular BORA Pure cooktop extractor system. It is a premium model that has been designed without compromise for the most flexible and enjoyable cooking experiences. The two surface induction cooking zones on the right can be connected together by the bridging function to create a large zone. This optimally heats large cookware, such is the BORA grill pan. If the roaster is sufficiently large and permanent pan size recognition is enabled, the zones are automatically combined. The two individual cooking zones on the left with zone induction are ideal for smaller pots, pans and espresso makers.  

Pure joy of design  

In addition to the outstanding flexibility, it is also necessary to highlight the compact structure and first-rate design. The touch control panel with a slider features white LEDs for a clear and modern look – and naturally comes equipped with the same popular and useful functions as the BORA Pure. Those who like colour can add splashes of this to their kitchen with the wonderfully bright air inlet nozzles. Complete design freedom, a sophisticated yet understated design and the usual effective and quiet vapour extraction – this is what you get with the new BORA M Pure as the most flexible compact system for the premium range.