BORA Product Launch 2023: a brief introduction to the new products

BORA Product Launch 2023: a brief introduction to the new products

On opening our new BORA Herford site in the North Rhine-Westphalian heart of the kitchen industry, we also launched BORA’s latest range of new products. We are delighted to welcome our new cooktop extractor system the BORA M Pure, the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer, the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems and BORA lighting to the BORA product range. Find out more about the specific properties of the new additions in a brief overview and watch the video of the digital BORA Product Launch.   

Cooking at its most flexible with the BORA M Pure cooktop extractor system  

The new BORA M Pure is a logical progression from our popular BORA Pure cooktop extractor system. It is a premium model that has been designed without compromise for the most flexible and enjoyable cooking experiences. The two surface induction cooking zones on the right can be connected together by the bridging function to create a large zone. 

In addition to the outstanding flexibility, it is also necessary to highlight the compact structure and first-rate design. The touch control panel with a slider features white LEDs for a clear and modern look – and naturally comes equipped with the same popular and useful functions as the BORA Pure

Find out more about the BORA M Pure cooktop extractor system here. 

Keep food fresh for far longer with the BORA QVac 

Vacuum sealing makes it possible to keep food for longer without it losing its natural taste or consistency. Once in air-tight packaging, food is protected against environmental influences such as bacteria as well as the flavours of other food stored next to it in the refrigerator, for example. This keeps vacuum-sealed food fresh for up to three times longer. 

For optimum shelf life, vacuum sealing can be combined with freezing – this also avoids freezer burn. Vacuum sealing food with the BORA QVac then cooking it in the BORA X BO using the special programme ‘sous-vide cooking’ enables you to achieve professional-standard results with little effort. The BORA QVac has three functions: vacuum sealing in vacuum boxes and vacuum bags, resealing bottles and marinating. 

Find out more about the BORA QVac vacuum sealer here.

Fresh food storage has been freshly conceived with BORA refrigeration and freezing systems 

BORA is bringing things full circle with its refrigeration and freezing systems: from the heat of cooktops through water and steam to cold and ice. The cooking experience is being expanded beyond preparing food on our cooktops and in our flex oven: thanks to the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems, you can now store ingredients in a neat, tidy and effectively chilled manner.  

The range includes four BORA Cool systems, the refrigerator, the refrigerator with 4-star freezer compartment and the refrigerator-freezer with and without water connection, as well as the BORA Freeze, the freezer with water connection. Their premium design fosters impressive-looking home interiors thanks to the All Black metal features and the refined, grey colour scheme. Furthermore, all refrigeration and freezing systems come with a range of practical accessories.  

The movable elements inside the BORA refrigeration systems are easy to remove, simple to clean and made from robust materials. The refrigerator also has plenty to offer from an ergonomic perspective: above all, the BORA Fresh zero drawers at the bottom of the refrigerator can be conveniently removed and filled with groceries on the worktop. 

The temperature in the BORA Fresh zero compartment is around 0°C. The resultant conditions are ideal for storing sensitive food such as loose fruit and vegetables. The upper trays with a sealed moisture control cover and high humidity are best for this. Sensitive, packaged food such as meat or fresh milk can also be refrigerated in the BORA Fresh zero tray without a moisture control cover. Such items should ideally be placed in the lowest tray. Optimum storage keeps your food fresh for as long as possible and retains valuable vitamins and minerals. 

Find out more about the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems here.

BORA CEO Willi Bruckbauer and the respective product line managers tell you more about the individual products in our digital BORA Product Launch 2023.

Emotional and functional BORA lighting for the kitchen as a living space 

Whether open plan or a self-enclosed space, with a kitchen island or a row of units – the right lighting is key. Dimmed, warm light when dining with friends and family or radiantly bright light when preparing meals – to ensure optimum cooking experiences and transform the kitchen into a place of wellbeing, the lighting needs to be either functional or emotionally appealing. 

The BORA Horizon linear pendant light and the BORA Stars vertical pendant light dangle above worktops, cooktops or the dining table offering optimum lighting and a pleasant atmosphere for every possible situation thanks to their dimmer function. Both pendant lights are available in three colours to perfectly illuminate your kitchen: soothing moss green, elegant black and picturesque rose gold. 

Find out more about the BORA lighting here.