More than a steam oven

More than a steam oven

The BORA X BO makes use of water in what we regard as its finest form: steam – to gently cook and bake food. The BORA X BO is more than just a steam oven. Whether you want crispy, tender or succulent results, it makes all your cooking dreams come true. No lingering smells of frying and baking that waft all around house, no blast of steam in the face when you open the oven door, no misted up glasses lenses and no laborious, time-consuming cleaning.

Dreams come true with the steam oven 

It’s Sunday morning and all is still quiet. The late risers are recovering from the working week behind them, the athletes from yesterday’s bike ride. Only in the kitchen are things livening up already. The fluffy spelt croissants are baking in the oven ready for breakfast. Eggs, nuts and flour are being mixed together to form a batter for the fruitcake to be enjoyed in the afternoon. The tangy, fruity marinade is being carefully massaged into the meat for the Sunday roast before this is placed in the refrigerator to marinate. The potatoes and vegetables are being washed, chopped, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs before being evenly spread out on a baking tray.    

The house slowly wakes up. The golden brown croissants are removed from the steam oven. No blast of steam emerges as the door is opened, your glasses lenses remain crystal clear and the view of your hungry family across the breakfast table remains unobstructed. As you bite into the gloriously crisp pastry, crumbs tumble onto your plate and leap around.  

In essence, we extract steam downwards, filter odours and enable a new room aesthetic with our products. With the BORA X BO steam oven, we use water in what we regard as its finest form. We allow it to evaporate so users can cook to a professional standard at home while still retaining our commitment to what we have always represented – effective vapour extraction and odour filtration. 

Cooked in the BORA X BO, spelt croissants for Sunday breakfast are almost better than those from the baker. The Sunday roast is particularly tender with a crispy crust worthy of a Michelin star. The oven-cooked vegetables served as a side are wonderfully crunchy and packed with both flavour and healthy nutrients thanks to their gentle preparation. And despite all the different dishes, the entire house still smells gloriously fresh thanks to the effective odour filtration and innovative steam extraction. 

The BORA X BO principle 

The next logical step in the evolution of the BORA product range after the end of the extractor hood? By expanding our product range from cooktop extractor systems to a professional steam oven for the home, we continue to follow our aim of enabling people to achieve optimum cooking results. Cooking, baking and steaming become extraordinary experiences – whether you’re a keen cook with a carefully honed sense of taste or a passionate chef and baker with professional ambitions.  

The fireplace is the heart of any kitchen, and we have revolutionised this with our cooktop extractor systems. With the BORA X BO, we have penetrated the kitchen as a living space even further, based on the principle whatever you want, the BORA X BO can cook. It really is as simple as it sounds: simply select how you want the food to be cooked in a few simple steps on the large touch display, then devote your time to your guests, your family or other activities while the BORA X BO does the rest for you.  

Thanks to its many integrated automatic and special programmes, the BORA X BO makes many cooking processes easier for you: sterilise jars before filling them with freshly made jam, create perfectly tempered chocolate for your magnificent cakes, prove yeast dough or dehydrate various kinds of fruit. The BORA X BO enables you to make healthy, delicious recipes with little time and thought. 

And as the adage goes, we’ve saved the best for last: even cleaning after cooking is enjoyable with the BORA X BO! The BORA intensive cleaning programme works like magic, automatically cleaning and drying the appliance. As evening draws near, your guests and family members will be happy and sated, and your steam oven will look as good as new, enabling you to enjoy a relaxed end to your day – and not just on Sundays of course.