A GEM on the Swiss Gold Coast

A GEM on the Swiss Gold Coast

CASA MI is the architectural highlight of the Gold Coast: with its futuristic design it has become a pilgrimage site for design enthusiasts.

They look like two oversized, rectangular telescopes pointing at Lake Zurich, majestically protruding out over the rock face upon which CASA MI is built, forming one of the most spectacular villas on the right banks of Lake Zurich. This area is also known as the Swiss Gold Coast. And this neighbourhood in the borough of Herrliberg is pretty exclusive. Celebrities, politicians and prosperous individuals like the publisher and self-made multimillionaire Jürg Marquard, who is among the wealthiest Swiss citizens, have made their home here. Inside, the newly built 8-room house brings a revolutionary, radical room design to life over its 685 square metres. With wide staircases, large open areas and open-plan rooms, the three floors appear to merge into each other. A significant architectural feature are the extensive glass façades offering a fascinating view of Lake Zurich and the Alps from different perspectives.

Brightness and light play a central role for the architect duo DALUZ GONZALEZ, who designed CASA MI. ‘In the past, people used to be out and about in the open air every day and only came home in the evening,’ explains Juan González. ‘Small windows gave them a feeling of security. Today most people spend all day in closed rooms and enjoy natural light and ample views at home.’ According to the two architects, lifestyles have also changed considerably in terms of cooking and eating. ‘A separate kitchen is no longer in keeping with the times,’ remarks Rubén Daluz. In CASA MI, the kitchen and dining areas are open-plan. A wide staircase, in which the kitchen island is integrated, links the two areas and leads to the kitchen area in the northern part of the building. ‘Today, people aren’t alone when they prepare food in the kitchen,’ continues Rubén Daluz. ‘They meet in the kitchen, stand around and talk. The kitchen has become a room for enjoyment and a showroom.’ Thanks to the open, organic integration of the kitchen space into the overall architecture, it is particularly important to keep the surrounding areas free of bothersome kitchen odours. A task that was entrusted to a BORA cooktop extractor here in the CASA MI villa. The system chosen was the BORA Professional 2.0, which combines all of the important BORA qualities in a minimalist design, attractive appearance and highperformance modular cooktops. It comes in a special ‘All Black’ finish and forms an effective contrast to the dark and light kitchen surfaces around it. In matters of sustainability, the CASA MI project also sets new benchmarks in the premium sector. The combination of highlyefficient heat insulation, an innovative heating.

CASA MI has already become a place of pilgrimage for architecture enthusiasts. With this house, the multiple award-winning Zurich architecture firm, known for its unusual layouts and shapes, has boldly and systematically implemented a radical design. The owner has not only acquired a gem on the Gold Coast, but also two liveable telescopes that offer a view that is impossible to obstruct and which will fascinate them day after day.  and air conditioning system and solar power comes close to making zero emissions possible. Even the pool can be heated all year round with this naturally obtained energy. Its audacious location right on the edge of a steep drop is the highlight of the exterior design. From the swimmer’s perspective, the 14-metre wide infinity edge runs over into the waters of Lake Zurich.

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BORA Professional 2.0