Effective food storage with BORA refrigeration and freezing systems

Effective food storage with BORA refrigeration and freezing systems

There’s probably no other door that’s as eagerly opened as this one. After all, there are few other doors that provide access to as many fresh, tasty treats for social evenings of entertaining and so many refreshing drinks for when you’ve something to celebrate. This is a door that reveals optimally refrigerated food and drinks fitting for almost any occasion. A door in the midst of the kitchen as a living space and yet discreetly concealed behind the kitchen front. May we present the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems. 

Perfect food storage for long-lasting freshness 

BORA is bringing things full circle with its refrigeration and freezing systems: from the heat of cooktops through water and steam to cold and ice. The cooking experience is being expanded beyond preparing food on our cooktops and in our steam oven: thanks to the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems, you can now store ingredients in a neat, tidy and effectively chilled manner.  

The refrigeration and freezing systems meet all food storage needs. The range includes four BORA Cool systems, the refrigerator, the refrigerator with 4-star freezer compartment and the refrigerator-freezer with and without water connection, as well as the BORA Freeze, the freezer with water connection.  

Despite each of the appliances offering their own special benefits, they all have many things in common. Their premium design fosters impressive-looking home interiors thanks to the All Black metal features and the refined, grey colour scheme that creates a stage for sumptuous, colourful food. Furthermore, all refrigeration and freezing systems come with a range of practical accessories. The omission of ornamental trims and features coupled with the use of easy-to-remove inserts highlights the focus on the essentials and makes the appliances easier to clean. 

Between a favourite and an innovation 

Even the refrigeration systems promote the concept of fresh air: the odour filter installed in the refrigerator reduces food odours. Furthermore, the sophisticated air circulation concept maintains a stable temperature throughout the refrigerator’s interior and provides optimum air circulation. Food is refrigerated as though stored in the fresh air.  

The many different light sources illuminate all food regardless of where in the appliance it has been stored. The brackets for the glass shelves double up as light sources to ensure sufficient lighting even when the refrigerator is full. The soft light attractively stages the food in the refrigerator. The glass shelves can be positioned at various heights thanks to multiple insertion options. 

All neatly organised 

The ability to individually position the accessories makes it possible to keep the interior neat and tidy at all times. Stored food no longer gets forgotten about, so less of it ends up thrown away. Read more about our tips and tricks round about proper food storage here. 

The accessories are also characterised by their multi-purpose designs. For example, the unique multi-tray can be used as a berry box, a cheese dome or for defrosting and freezing food. It is compatible with both the refrigeration and the freezing systems and suitable for use in all the temperatures found in the various storage areas.  

Thanks to their stylish designs, the accessories can be removed from the refrigeration and freezing systems and placed straight on the dining table. The movable elements inside the BORA refrigeration systems are easy to remove, simple to clean and made from robust materials. Hygienically clean refrigeration really can be this simple.  

The refrigerator also has plenty to offer from an ergonomic perspective: above all, the BORA Fresh zero drawers at the bottom of the refrigerator can be conveniently removed and filled with groceries on the worktop. They can then be easily returned to the refrigerator, so you spend less time stooped over.  

You can see the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems as well as further BORA product novelties 2023 here:

BORA Fresh zero compartment 

The temperature in the BORA Fresh zero compartment is around 0°C. The moisture control covers make it possible to regulate the air supply into the trays depending on the humidity and the food stored. The resultant conditions are ideal for storing sensitive food such as loose fruit and vegetables.  

The upper trays with a sealed moisture control cover and high humidity are best for this. Sensitive, packaged food such as meat or dairy products can also be refrigerated in the BORA Fresh zero tray without a moisture control cover. Such items should ideally be placed in the lowest tray. Optimum storage keeps your food fresh for as long as possible and retains valuable vitamins and minerals. The multi-functional shelf separates the BORA Fresh zero from the general refrigerated area.  

Various features for BORA refrigeration and freezing systems 

The various features available with the refrigeration and freezing systems enable the interiors to be optimally designed in a neat and tidy fashion for every household situation. The space available is optimally used for food storage.  

There are three different packages of features to choose from: BORA Good (basic features), BORA Better (basic features plus accessories) and BORA Best (basic features plus an expanded range of BORA accessories). This enables you to determine how many and which accessories you’d like to use in your refrigeration or freezing system. But that’s far from all.  

Discover what else lies behind BORA’s most versatile doors in the midst of the kitchen as a living space by checking out the impressive BORA refrigeration and freezing systems now.