A modern stainless-steel kitchen in the middle of the vineyards

A modern stainless-steel kitchen in the middle of the vineyards

To cook and eat every day with a view over one of the innumerable vineyards in the countryside around Stuttgart – a dream come true for the Wöhrwag family. Thanks to meticulous planning, the kitchen installers were able to make the kitchen, which features a modern stainless-steel look, seamlessly fit in with the architecture of the house and the vineyard setting. Read more about the design, the special materials and the BORA Professional 2.0 installed in this kitchen here. 

Characteristics of the vineyard-based modern stainless-steel kitchen 


Kitchen design: Island kitchen 
Kitchen size: 17m² 
Materials: Stainless steel, mdf varnished with blackboard varnish, natural oak wood 
BORA products: Professional 2.0 with two pull-outs, two gas cooktops and a Tepan stainless steel grill, two X BOs 
Location: Stuttgart, Germany 
Kitchen installer: Elias Holocher, HolzKunst Holocher GmbH 
Architect: Thomas Hundt 

Keeping a consistent look throughout the interior fittings 

The way this kitchen was designed and implemented has made it a place of well-being where the family can cook, converse and spend time together, turning the house found here in the vineyards of Stuttgart into a home. 

The goal of kitchen designer Elias Holocher and the architect from Jangled nerves was to plan the kitchen in the style of the house and with the natural surroundings in mind. As the whole building is located right in the middle of the vineyard and the other rooms were also designed in an open-plan, stylish and simple manner, they intended to extend this concept into the kitchen as well. The kitchen was to be large, open-plan and, at the same time, practical.  

A timeless aesthetic was chosen and implemented from the kitchen into the living room and down into the wine cellar, with functionality that’s always meticulously thought out. This concept ensures every room is used to its maximum potential in order to optimise their look and comfort. Elements such as the dark-grey kitchen fronts, the equally dark wall tone and the use of solid wood and stainless steel achieve a harmonious look throughout the kitchen. 

Distinct shapes and perfection in the kitchen 

Many of the elements found in the house are of a simple modern design and are restricted to dark colours, but this means they fit in flawlessly with the overall look. So does the kitchen island, which consists of an entire stainless-steel block, making it the centrepiece of the kitchen. Here, you can cook every day with a view over the vineyards. 

The kitchen fronts are the aesthetic highlight of the room. They consist of medium density fibreboards, which are varnished with a brown-grey blackboard finish specially mixed for this kitchen. The solid oak wood gives the room a homely feel and can be seen as recess panelling on the wall, in the large windows and as the floor.  

Protruding from the kitchen island is a column that extends to the ceiling with a frame around it, which serves as another eye-catcher in the kitchen. As simple yet stylish lighting elements, LED strips were chosen to provide light in this frame and in the recesses above the washbasin and the worktop.  

Functionality meets quality 

Two bar stools provide seating in the kitchen around the back of the kitchen island, offering the perfect place for exciting conversation while cooking.  

Due to the column being located in the middle of the kitchen island, it wasn’t possible to install a conventional extractor hood. The solution was obvious: the BORA Professional 2.0. Thanks to our cooktop extractor system being installed at the centre of the kitchen island, the width of the room was preserved and there are no objects that disrupt the view into the living room.  

The owners of this kitchen decided on the BORA Professional 2.0 with pull-outs, two gas cooktops, a Tepan stainless steel grill and two X BOs. With the landlady being a chef by profession, our BORA appliances offer the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics and allow friends and family to cook together and plan social evening events.  


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