The smart way to use up food leftovers with BORA

The smart way to use up food leftovers with BORA

Most households end up with a certain amount of leftover food each day. Read on to find out useful and creative ways to use up leftovers.  

Everyone is familiar with this situation: whether you cook too much food the day before or you forget some fruit or veg in your fridge, all households end up with a certain amount of leftover food. It goes without saying that these leftovers shouldn’t simply be thrown away. We’ve put together a few hints and tips on the best ways to use up leftover food. With the BORA X BO special programmes we take using up food scraps to a whole new level. Read on to find out how to use up typical leftovers in a useful and creative way, how long you can keep various leftover foods and how best to store them – including some handy tips.  

Making the best use of leftovers with the BORA X BO 

You’ll never need to eat dry bread again thanks to the corresponding special programme which refreshes not-so-fresh baked goods by adding moisture. Your honey pot has been open for so long that crystals have started to form? The BORA X BO also has a special programme for this, which melts the sugar crystals in honey at a very low, even temperature.  

Whether apricots, apple rings, potatoes or beetroot: not only does dried food keep for longer, it also has a wonderfully concentrated flavour and makes a healthy snack. Drying food evenly is particularly easy in the BORA X BO thanks to the “Dehydrate” special programme. During the dehydration process, the moisture is removed from food by circulating warm air at a low heat. Fruit is particularly suitable for drying, as the classic option, but you can also conjure up tasty and healthy vegetable crisps out of dried vegetables.  

What’s more, you can use the “Dehydrate” special programme to dry bread easily and use it for breadcrumbs. These are ideal for making side dishes, such as mushroom sauce. Alternatively, you can turn dried bread into bread crisps or bread chips with fine spices of your choice.  

In addition to the BORA X BO special programmes, there are other ways of using up leftovers. For example, you can turn leftover rice from the day before into a rice dish with vegetables and fish, transform pasta into a hearty rigatoni oven bake, conjure up crunchy crisps out of vegetables or make a delicious gratin out of leftover potatoes. 

Storing and keeping food for longer with BORA 

If you make home-made jam, for example, you have to use germ-free jars so that the contents can be stored for as long as possible. Opened jars should be kept in the fridge. Dried foods such as fruit or vegetable crisps should ideally be kept in airtight jars or containers. If you store them in a cool and dry place, these dried products will keep for months. The amount of starch is decisive for vegetable crisps: the higher the starch content of the vegetables, the longer the crisps will remain crispy. 

Vegetables preserved in oil can be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks, but if the fruit or vegetables are cooked in advance and sealed in airtight jars, they can be kept for up to a year. You can easily seal rice, fish, meat or fresh vegetables with the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer and keep them in the freezer for several months. With the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer you can make food last up to three times longer and reduce food waste.