Food tips for the cold season - Foods to warm you up from the inside

Food tips for the cold season - Foods to warm you up from the inside

As temperatures slowly start to drop outside, we all want to stay cosy and warm. But blankets and sweaters aren’t the only things that can help protect us from the frosty temperatures. Some foods are also known for warming the body from the inside out. 

Hot soups 

There’s a reason why soups are more popular in the cold season. Because when even thick down jackets aren’t enough to keep you warm, soups can work wonders. Not only do they warm you up from the inside, with the right ingredients, they can also give your immune system a real boost.   

Raw vegetables won’t warm you up in winter, so hot vegetable soups are the perfect alternative to cover the need for fresh vegetables and the vitamins they contain. Soups containing hot spices such as cardamom or chilli provide a pleasant level of spiciness. In fact, these ingredients are even known to make some people sweat.  

Onions, garlic and ginger are also perfect additions to your winter soup. These ingredients are rich in vitamins and are also said to have warming and antibacterial properties. On cold days, this aromatic roasted tomato soup or a hot vegan pumpkin soup can be a godsend. 


Warming snacks 

Like hot soups, various healthy snacks can have a warming and comforting effect on the human body. Nuts in particular are a practical superfood. Rich in healthy fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, they are the ideal source of energy for chilly winter days. 

Porridge, a versatile food that is becoming more and more popular is also a must during the cold season. Warm porridge provides the body with fat and protein, as well as a large number of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. There are countless ways of preparing porridge. Experiment with spices such as cinnamon or pumpkin spice or get on board with the latest baked oats trend. Read more about oatmeal, the nutritional powerhouse.  

Whether it’s at the Christmas market or in your own oven, hot chestnuts warm you up but also get you in the mood for winter. And tasty chestnuts are more than just a delicious snack. They contain almost the entire range of nutrients you need and are good for both brain and bones. The BORA X BO steam oven is perfect for preparing chestnuts (also known as sweet chestnuts). Simply select the automatic programme specifically for chestnuts and bring the Christmas market into your home. 

Aromatic hot drinks 

Even just holding a cup of tea in your hands can warm you up. Take a sip and you instantly feel warm inside too. There is nothing more comforting in winter than a delicious, aromatic hot drink.   

Yet not all teas warm you up in the same way. Chamomile, red, black or green tea are generally known for their cooling effect. Teas made from aniseed, cinnamon, vanilla, caraway or fennel are particularly warming. With a dash of lemon or ginger, you can transform your cup of tea into a real source of vitamins.  

But there are also alternatives to the classic teas. You can conjure up your own aromatic hot drink to suit your taste. For your winter infusion, you can get creative and add mint, ginger or orange to hot water and leave to infuse. It only takes just a few minutes to make the perfect aromatic and delicious winter infusion in the BORA X BO

Defy the cold: five superfoods to warm you from the inside 

Hot soups, warming snacks and aromatic hot drinks can really warm up your body in the cold season. For additional heat and a health boost, you can’t go wrong with the following ingredients: 

  • Chilli – Promotes blood flow and circulation  

  • Cloves – Have a calming effect and strengthen the immune system 

  • Cinnamon - Stimulates fat burning and helps with gastrointestinal issues 

  • Ginger - Has an invigorating, strengthening and antibacterial effect 

  • Fennel - Helps prevent colds and is rich in minerals and vitamins