Like cooking in the fresh air: BORA presents an expanded product range and a product launch to an international audience in Milan

BORA heralded the end of the extractor hood and revolutionised the cooking experience with its cooktop extractor systems. Now, the German-Austrian company is offering far more under the motto ‘More than cooking.’: a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, premium built-in kitchen appliances for the kitchen as a living space. From BORA cooktop extractor systems through the BORA X BO steam oven to the refrigeration and freezing systems (BORA Cool and Freeze), lighting (BORA Horizon and BORA Stars) and food-preserving vacuum sealing (BORA QVac), the aim is to provide a holistic kitchen concept with perfectly aligned products and high design standards. Cooking, baking, roasting, steaming, marinating, vacuum sealing and storage are all now possible with BORA products. The commitment to outstanding performance and design transforms kitchens from purely functional rooms to genuine living spaces.  

BORA’s 250 m² stand area at EuroCucina 2024 will not only showcase its entire product range in operation to the international audience of sector professionals but also exhibit new products and thus position the company in the international kitchen appliance market. Based on the motto ‘Like cooking in the fresh air’, the stand will be designed as a spacious, open-plan home where architecture, kitchen design and nature are organically combined. The interior offers a versatile and stylish (cooking) stage for storing healthy food as well as for preparing, cooking and enjoying meals. With carefully conceived products that perfectly complement each other, the setting in the Milan trade fair halls celebrates a thoroughly positive and enjoyable cooking experience – just like in home kitchens.


The commitment: fresh air and a clear view

Ever since its establishment in 2007, BORA has been a pioneer for the effective filtration of cooking odours. This started with innovative cooktop extractor systems that draw away cooking vapours and grease particles where they arise. In 2021, the BORA X BO steam oven with integrated odour filtration then followed. Now, the company has launched its BORA Cool and Freeze refrigeration and freezing systems, which use natural air circulation to add new dimensions to the BORA principle.

This medley of innovative new products for the kitchen as a living space is rounded out by the recently revealed BORA Horizon and BORA Stars lights as well as carefully designed kitchen utensils such as the BORA Pots and Pans, which will be available from autumn.

At EuroCucina 2024, visitors will be able to see all launched BORA products and CEO Willi Bruckbauer’s BORA team in action: from Live Cooking in the BORA X BO professional steam oven and on the BORA M Pure – a further new product and the most flexible of the compact BORA cooktop extractor systems thanks to the combination of surface and zone induction – to attractive product presentations, with the BORA Cool refrigerators constantly filled with fresh food throughout the trade fair, for example. After all, at BORA, the full sensory experience matters. A professional team of sales employees and product managers will offer trade fair visitors detailed explanations of the latest news and clearly demonstrate aspects like how food can be stored for a long time in the BORA Freeze freezer or simply vacuum sealed with the BORA QVac for long-lasting freshness.

The right lighting also plays a decisive role in attractively designing sociable, open-plan kitchen environments. As such, the interior designers have skilfully showcased the new BORA Stars and BORA Horizon lights – in a stand design within the Milan trade fair halls that takes its inspiration from the backdrop of the latest BORA brand campaign and reflects the natural, fresh atmosphere of the BORA image film.


The visitor experience at the BORA stand BORA transforms kitchens from functional rooms to genuine living spaces. It uses intuitive products to facilitate the best cooking experiences and a healthy lifestyle. BORA is reflecting this commitment on its stand at the EuroCucina kitchen trade fair in Milan by offering an immersive BORA experience. An open-plan entrance takes visitors straight into a spacious product presentation area, where they are awaited by regular Live Cooking Experiences that demonstrate BORA products in operation.

The BORA house in the Milan trade fair halls is characterised by clean, minimalist design that excitingly brings together a light gabled roof and a cube in striking, black-and-white branding. The façade is surrounded by green plants that invite visitors to discover BORA’s versatile portfolio. The holistic fusion of nature, architecture and cooking is skilfully continued in the interior through the use of local materials such as silver fir and dark stone. One particular highlight is the kitchen environment with a huge integrated rock that allows the indoors and outdoors to merge into one. A digital window simulates the times of day within the trade fair stand and once again creates a direct connection to the natural world.

Watch the BORA image film here and experience cooking like in the fresh air: www.bora.com/more-than-cooking


About the company

BORA develops and produces innovative premium built-in kitchen appliances with impressive design standards. The German-Austrian company group positions its portfolio internationally with the claim ‘More than cooking.’ Since Willi Bruckbauer founded BORA in 2007, the company has been committed to questioning the ordinary. The mission: “We are revolutionising the kitchen as a living space. With extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences.” The story began with the innovative cooktop extractor systems, which use intelligent technology to draw cooking vapours downwards and are continually developed through BORA’s own drive for perfection. After the expansion of the product range to include the BORA X BO, a professional steam oven for your home, and the associated multi-drawer, refrigeration and freezing systems as well as lighting followed. The product ranges and live experiences undergo ongoing development to ensure that BORA fans and customers can continue to enjoy the very best cooking experiences. BORA products are characterised by outstanding performance, simple cleaning and simple operation. Thanks to their timeless design, they fit perfectly into any kitchen, where they provide fresh air and a clear view.

BORA employs over 650 people worldwide, primarily at its sites in Raubling, Niederndorf and Sydney as well as in its flagship stores in Munich and Herford, and sells its products in more than 40 countries all over world. The BORA company group is a multi-award-winning and attractive employer, whose products have received multiple internationally renowned design awards.


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