BORA’s refrigeration and freezing systems: smart design meets effective cooling

The provider of innovative premium built-in kitchen appliances is bringing things full circle with its BORA Cool and BORA Freeze refrigeration and freezing systems: from the heat of cooktops through water and steam to cold and ice. The expanded range offers users a coherent cooking experience, which goes beyond preparing food on cooktops and in the BORA X BO, the professional steam oven for the home: thanks to the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems, ingredients can now be stored in a neat, tidy and effectively chilled manner. All five models stand out for their timeless design, top performance, simple operation, simple cleaning, clear view of the stored food as well as fresh air and optimum air circulation in the interior thanks to convection cooling.


BORA refrigeration and freezing systems meet all chilled food storage needs. The range includes four BORA Cool systems, the refrigerator, the refrigerator with 4-star freezer compartment and the refrigerator-freezer with and without ice maker (water connection), as well as the BORA Freeze, the freezer with ice maker (water connection). All of these built-in appliances boast a premium, timeless design thanks to the All Black metal features and the refined, grey colour scheme of the interior that creates a neutral framework for fresh, colourful food. The omission of ornamental trims and features coupled with the use of easy-to-remove inserts highlights the focus on the essentials and makes the appliances easier to clean.

Furthermore, all refrigeration and freezing systems come with a range of practical accessories. The various features packages available and a selection of well-thought-out and adaptable accessories meet the individual needs of every household.


Keep food fresh for longer – in fresh air and the best light

The odour filter in the BORA refrigeration systems keeps kitchens full of fresh air by effectively reducing food odours. Furthermore, the sophisticated air circulation concept maintains a stable temperature throughout the refrigerator’s interior. The two separate cooling circuits in the refrigerator-freezers prevent air exchange between the different areas, stopping odours from being transferred and the stored food from drying out. The temperature in the BORA Fresh zero compartment, which is separated from the rest of the refrigerator interior by a shelf, is about 0°C – creating the ideal, fresh-air-based storage environment for agricultural or dairy products, fish, meat or packaged food. In the BORA Freeze and the refrigerator-freezer, the No Frost technology prevents the freezer space from icing over and thus wasting energy. This also avoids the time-consuming process of defrosting the freezer.

The many different light sources illuminate all food so that it is clearly visible. The incorporated brackets for the glass shelves double up as light sources to ensure sufficient lighting even when the refrigerator is full. The shelves can be positioned at various heights thanks to multiple insertion options.


All neatly organised – thanks to well-conceived accessories

The ability to individually position the accessories makes it possible to keep the interior of BORA refrigeration and freezing systems neat and tidy at all times. Stored food no longer gets forgotten about, so less of it ends up thrown away. The accessories are also characterised by their multi-purpose designs. For example, the unique multi-tray can be used as a compartment for delicate fruit and vegetables, a cheese dome or for freezing food. It is compatible with both the refrigeration and the freezing systems and suitable for use in all the temperatures found in the various storage areas. Thanks to their stylish designs, all of the accessories blend seamlessly into any setting and can be removed from the refrigeration and freezing systems and placed straight on the dining table.

The movable elements inside the BORA refrigeration systems are easy to remove, simple to clean and made from robust materials. The top-quality BORA serving board made of fine wood makes a great impression, not only in the refrigerated area of the BORA Cool appliance. Its natural look enhances any worktop or dining table in the kitchen as a living space. As the board is pre-treated, food does not take on a woody flavour, and the material is fridge-proof. The recessed grip on the back makes the serving board extremely easy to grasp. A raised part at the front of the multi-tray acts as a locking mechanism. In this case, the tray can be used as a cover or a cheese dome.


About the company

BORA develops and produces innovative premium built-in kitchen appliances with impressive design standards. The German-Austrian company group positions its portfolio internationally with the claim ‘More than cooking.’ Since Willi Bruckbauer founded BORA in 2007, the company has been committed to revolutionising the kitchen as a living space by questioning the ordinary. Its mission: to offer extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences. The story began with the innovative cooktop extractor systems, which use intelligent technology to draw cooking vapours downwards and are continually developed through BORA’s own drive for perfection. After the expansion of the product range to include the BORA X BO, a professional steam oven for your home, and the associated BORA multi-drawer, refrigeration and freezing systems as well as lighting followed. BORA products are characterised by outstanding performance, simple cleaning and simple operation. Thanks to their timeless design, they fit perfectly into any kitchen, where they provide fresh air and a clear view. BORA employs over 500 people, primarily at its sites in Raubling, Niederndorf and Sydney as well as in its flagship stores in Munich and Herford, and sells its products in over 60 countries worldwide.

Back in 2009, the company received its first award within the scope of the innovation contest 365 Orte im Land der Ideen, followed by the Deutscher Gründerpreis and numerous Red Dot Awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Awards, German Brand Awards, Good Design Awards and iF Design Awards, among others.


Contacts for press enquiries about BORA

neumann communication Communication partner in relation to the opening of BORA’s Herford site bora@neumann-communication.de


BORA Public Relations pr@bora.com


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