A kitchen dream come true in blue

A kitchen dream come true in blue

Whoever says dark colours are unwelcoming will change their tune upon seeing this kitchen. Thanks to a sophisticated colour and lighting concept and the BORA Professional 3.0 in the “All Black” variant, this open-plan combined kitchen and living room in Munich radiates both comfort and elegance equally. 

A coordinated colour concept for a minimalist look 

Upon entering this kitchen, your eyes are immediately drawn to the luscious blue on the wall. It sets the tone in a very literal sense. The rest of the colours of the furnishings were chosen by the interior designers and owners to complement the accent wall. Many of the tall units also feature the same blue. Different shades of blue as well as a lot of black and anthracite can be seen throughout the apartment, which also features particular accents, such as a modern, mustard-yellow wing chair. 

Additionally, only high-quality materials were used. For example, the island’s worktop is made of solid, black marbled stone and the interior of the drawers is made of wood. The large dining table made of solid wood provides plenty of space for the home-owners and their guests. You could describe the overall style as “modern minimalism”. Decorative elements were used sparingly; they were carefully chosen and made to match the overall concept – like the turquoise vases on the dining table which match the upholstered furniture. 

Simple and elegant: BORA Professional 3.0

The anthracite-coloured kitchen island is positioned in the room such that it can be easily used from any side. This – along with the BORA Professional 3.0 fitted in its “All Black” variant – invites you to cook together and facilitates lively conversation. It integrates perfectly into the interior both in an aesthetic and functional respect and – unlike with a conventional extractor hood – allows for a clear view into the room. 

The colour dynamic continues here as well, as the stone of the worktop was also used for the niche behind it, and the back wall of the sink is of the same colour tone as the front of the island. Integrated spots provide you plenty of light for chopping. Otherwise you can switch to the aesthetically pleasing mood lighting. Whilst the wall lamps emit cones of light, located above the dining table are hanging lights with a housing made of precious pink gold. From the choice of colours to the perfect lighting and integrated kitchen appliances, none of this was a coincidence. Simply a dream come true in blue.