Colorful Splashback

Colorful Splashback

It can get lively in the kitchen when food is boiling and sizzling away: we stir this, we flip that, we keep going back to taste. But all of this action and excitement leave their mark in the kitchen. A contemporary splashback not only makes your kitchen easier to clean, it also lends it a special touch.



Colourful offering for every kitchen

Once upon a time, kitchen splashbacks only served a practical purpose, but nowadays they come in all colours and materials. As well as being attractively arranged they should ideally match the design of your kitchen, but you could also add an artistic touch with a splashback. When choosing the right material, you should make sure that it is durable, robust and easy to clean.

Kitchen splashbacks made of tiles arranged in geometrical patterns (e.g. herringbone) are all the rage at the moment. Subway tiles have also made their way into a variety of kitchens for decades and remain as popular as ever, just like marble splashbacks. Sustainable splashbacks made of recycled materials such as glass or plastic are also bang on trend.

Pros & cons of the most popular materials

The different splashback materials have various pros and cons. Although classic tiles are very robust, the grouting is often hard to clean. Having said that, you can arrange them however you want and have them imported from your holiday destination, for example. Tiles are therefore customisable and add a personal touch to your kitchen design.

Aluminium and stainless/black steel splashbacks, on the other hand, are very easy to clean and are heat resistant. These materials are also extremely moisture resistant and are super hygienic as cleaning them is a piece of cake. However, it’s hard to avoid getting water stains and fingerprints on them.

Another option is a glass or plexiglas splashback, as these materials come in a number of designs and colours. Although plexiglass is less heat resistant than other materials, it makes cleaning your kitchen easier and is low cost to boot. However, you should bear in mind that glass is more prone to scratches and can even break when under heavy strain.

No need to make sacrifices in rented properties

If you don’t have the chance to design your dream kitchen yourself, with these simple tricks you can transform existing splashbacks to suit your wishes and preferences:

  • The easiest option is to hide the rear wall behind décor items and chopping boards that you find attractive to look at.
  • You can easily paint over old tiles with Kolorat paint or latex paint . Nowadays, you can also find special decals with various prints.
  • You could use a plywood or MDF panel, painted with blackboard paint after assembly, to cover any unsightly tiles, then remove the panel again when you move out.

Whether it’s plain or brightly coloured, modern or retro, with or without a pattern – the right splashback enhances any kitchen. We believe that cooking should mainly be about enjoyment, not the cleaning-up afterwards. We live up to our simple cleaning commitment with our BORA cooktop extractor systems, which directly suction away grease particles created while cooking so that they don’t end up on kitchen units.