Minimalist industrial chic

Minimalist industrial chic

Open-plan, spacious and minimalistic: this industrial style kitchen ticks many of the ‘dream home’ boxes. With matt-black kitchen fronts and carefully selected wooden features, the design is modern yet timeless – just like the BORA Classic installed here. 

A spacious feel 

This house in Gernsheim in southern Hesse has long since done away with its 70s look. Instead, it features a modern style and offers the owners plenty of space for the whole family. This was made possible by comprehensive renovations in 2019 and 2020, during which large windows were installed and the ceiling height in the living/dining/kitchen area was raised. 

From a structural perspective, this was no easy project. But the results speak for themselves: the floor-to-ceiling windows flood the kitchen with light and create a visual connection to the green outdoor space. The high ceilings provide the perfect stage for individual decorative features and furnishings. 

The Plegge family, who call this dream home their own, wanted a striking, extraordinary kitchen – and got one! They are thoroughly satisfied with how the project went. For them, the kitchen is more than just somewhere to prepare food. Thanks to the sophisticated concept, which they developed in cooperation with the experts from Kizil Interiors, it’s somewhere to get together, to talk and to enjoy life. 

More than cooking – thanks to BORA appliances 

Over 30 square metres are available for cooking, dining and entertaining. In addition to the large, solid wood table, which offers both the family and their guests plenty of space for shared experiences, the bar counter built into the cooking island enables lively discussions and lots of interaction while cooking. This is made from 300-year-old oak, which was previously part of a half-timbered house. 

The cooking island also features a sink and a cooktop. This allows your eyes to wander around the room while you prepare and cook meals, without a wall or extractor hood getting in the way. This clear view was a key factor in the Plegge family’s decision to install a BORA Classic. Thanks to its timeless design, it also blends perfectly into the rest of the interior from an aesthetic perspective. 

The lack of extractor hood above the cooktop also offers plenty of space for a large, statement light fitting. The Moroccan-inspired lights are truly eye-catching and look simply stunning thanks to the high ceilings. With the right lighting and the BORA Classic, unforgettable cooking experiences are guaranteed. 

The ideal combination: black steel and wood 

The Plegges’ style can be described as industrial yet elegant. The room should appeal to all those who use it and is therefore furnished rather minimalistically. The plants – banana trees – inject an urban jungle vibe into the interior while the wooden bar counter provides warmth and cosiness. Bar stools with brown leather upholstery were selected to match the colour scheme. 

Otherwise, the motto in this kitchen is ‘all black’. The kitchen cabinets are made from black steel and the worktop from hot-rolled stainless steel. The Fenix NTM coating on the kitchen fronts gives them a deep matt black colouring and – like the BORA Classic – is easy to clean thanks to the sophisticated nanotechnology. From the coating to the cooktop, this kitchen exclusively features high-quality materials and appliances – and is bursting with industrial-chic charm.