Modular or compact system? These are the differences

Modular or compact system? These are the differences

Each kitchen has its own unique conditions depending on the household. But one thing is always the same: the ‘fireplace’ (in this case the cooktop) is the heart of the room. Kitchens are as different as the people who cook in them. With the modular and compact BORA cooktop extractor systems, unlimited freedom in kitchen design and planning is guaranteed. But what are the differences between the two systems? 

The modular systems from BORA 

BORA Professional 3.0 and BORA Classic 2.0 are our two modular cooktop systems. They give you the opportunity to combine and arrange different cooktop types according to your individual wishes. The modular systems consist of an elongated extraction system (recirculation or exhaust air) and a freely selectable number of cooktops. This means that you can easily put together combinations involving one, three or several cooktops. The modular systems are especially well suited for kitchens that offer a lot of space.


Choice of cooktops

This flexibility allows the cooking areas to be adapted to your own personal cooking style. Do you regularly cook with a wok? Then the BORA induction wok cooktop is definitely a good choice. Do you like to grill at any time of the year, come rain or snow? Then we recommend our popular BORA Tepan stainless steel grill with two cooking zones. Do you like to cook with gas? Then our gas cooktops have got you covered. A total of eight different cooktops are available with the Professional and seven with the Classic systems:  

  • Surface induction cooktop 
  • Induction cooktop 
  • Induction wok cooktop 
  • HiLight cooktop, 3-ring/2-ring (Professional 3.0) 
  • HiLight cooktop, 3-ring/roaster (Professional 3.0) 
  • HiLight cooktop, 1-ring/2-ring/roaster (Classic 2.0) 
  • Hyper cooktop 
  • Gas cooktop 
  • Tepan stainless steel grill with two cooking zones 


How the operating concepts differ 

The main differences between the various modular systems are their operation. The BORA Professional 3.0 system is controlled via sophisticated, sleek stainless steel control knobs that are mounted on the worktop front and feature a high-definition LED display. All functions are conveniently, easily and intuitively activated by twisting the knobs and tapping the central touch-operated surface. There is also a cover flap that opens automatically when the extractor is activated. The integrated sensor technology reliably prevents items from getting trapped during closure. Even at high power levels, the BORA Professional extractor is markedly quiet.  

The BORA Classic 2.0 system is controlled below the air inlet nozzle directly on the cooktop, via an intuitive swipe of your index finger up or down in a smooth hollow or a direct tap with your fingertip This way, all important functions are accessible with just a single touch. Here, too, the ventilation is particularly quiet, ensuring that conversations while cooking always remain undisturbed. The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to the current cooking conditions, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.  

The modular systems with a combination of individual cooktops and effective extraction from BORA. 

The compact systems from BORA 

The compact systems from BORA offer an all-in-one solution. They consist of one cooktop on the left and one on the right, with a circular integrated extractor fitted in the centre. The compact systems differ mainly in the size and design of the cooking zones. Compact systems are particularly well suited for smaller kitchens, as they generally require less space than the modular systems. There are currently four different BORA compact systems: the BORA Basic system and the BORA Pure family, which consists of the X Pure, Pure and S Pure systems. 


Available cooktop types with the compact systems 

The BORA Basic air inlet nozzle is framed in a stainless steel ring that is set slightly higher than the glass ceramic cooktop. The Basic is the only compact system to feature a Hyper (radiant) cooktop. The Pure family, on the other hand, impresses with its induction cooktops: the X Pure has a surface induction cooktop that is ideal for large roasters thanks to its maximum cooking area, while the Pure and S Pure have induction cooktops that are more space-saving in terms of dimensions, while still offering enough space for cookware of any size. 

With induction cooktops, flat round coils are arranged under the glass ceramic and generate an electromagnetic field during cooking. This generates heat at the base of the pan. For optimal heat absorption, the cookware needs a magnetic base. With surface induction, square coils made of wound wire generate an electromagnetic field. The square coils can be connected with the help of the bridging function to form a large cooking area that provides enough space for roasters, for example. Thanks to the automatic pan size recognition function, only the specific coil above which induction-compatible cookware has been placed is activated.  

A cooktop with a radiant heating element is commonly referred to as a “Ceran” cooktop. However, "Ceran" is actually a brand name for a particular glass ceramic manufactured by the company Schott AG. On these sorts of cooktops, energy is transferred by heat radiation. 


Special design features 

The air inlet nozzles of the BORA Pure family are slightly recessed into the glass ceramic. The X Pure stands out thanks to its striking air inlet nozzle, while the Pure and S Pure bring a colourful lightness to the kitchen, as the air inlet nozzles of both these cooktop extractor systems are available in seven different colours. 


Intuitive operation and simple cleaning 

Another common feature of the recirculation models in the BORA Pure family is the eSwap filter change system. Here, the filter is easily changed from above through the air inlet nozzle, eliminating the need to remove drawers or plinth panels. 

The compact systems from BORA combine a cooktop and effective extractor in one appliance.

Modular or compact system – which one is right for you?  

When deciding between a modular or compact cooktop extractor system, you should consider the individual requirements of your kitchen. Do you enjoy cooking for yourself and guests and have plenty of space in your kitchen? Thanks to the individual cooktop selection, you can optimally adapt the modular systems to your needs.  

Do you enjoy preparing delicious food, don't have quite as much space in your kitchen, but don't want to miss out on an extraordinary cooking experience? Then one of the BORA compact systems is sure to be the perfect fit for you.  

Whether modular or compact, with the BORA Configurator you are sure to find the right cooktop extractor system for you.  

Cooktop extractor systems – as individual as you and your cooking preferences.