A loft? A house? A loft house!

What does every amateur chef hope for in their dream home? A beautiful open-plan, professionalinspired kitchen space where cooking and dining is the central feature. For architect Frederik De Smet, designing this loft-like house with minimalist architectural language throughout, meant placing BORA at the heart of the kitchen.

The new build house uses a skilful interplay of interconnected rooms and colours, with the central ‘empty space’ on the ground floor giving an open and relaxed feel to the interior.

The architect attaches particular importance to the connected feel of all elements. No single object can ‘stand out’ intrusively or disturb the overall sense of minimalism. To meet this requirement, all fixed furnishings were custom designed and produced with the help of a carpenter. Even the kitchen area follows this stringency and both the aesthetic appearance and functional elements of the kitchen were designed under the professional guidance of the Van Gils Keukens kitchen studio.


The client dreamed of a completely white, minimalist kitchen. To add depth to the room, the white cooking island was complemented with tall, black, pillar-like cupboards that tower all the way from the ground floor up through the various levels to high in the roof.

The kitchen island, as a central feature of the home, impresses with its clear form and elegance. No appliances or other elements should interfere with its visual impact. Van Gils Keukens therefore opted Press release July 2020 for a seamlessly integrated sink as well as the chic, flush-installed BORA Basic, which combines a cooktop and cooktop extractor in a single appliance.

The major benefit: no extractor hood at head height! The chef has a clear view of the dining area at all times and can chat to his guests while cooking.


In addition to its chic design, there was also another decisive reason for using a BORA cooktop extractor in this open-plan, loft-like building: the effectiveness of the system as a whole. The extraction of odours and cooking vapours at the cooktop itself guarantees fresh air in all of the rooms in the house. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to omit so many walls without compromise. The BORA Basic’s compact design furthermore guarantees maximum storage space for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.

Urban planning regulations often impose certain restrictions, especially with regard to the outer façade of a house. It is therefore all the more delightful to be able to work with maximum design freedom in the interior and especially in the kitchen, making it possible to realise solutions that would still have been unthinkable just a few years ago. For example, cooking directly in front of a window or under a sloping ceiling, or – as with this project – a cooking island without an annoying extractor hood at head height, thanks to BORA technology.


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About the company:

Since 2007, BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, headquartered in Raubling, Upper Bavaria, has successfully developed and sold cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards thanks to the use of patented technology. The innovative BORA Professional, BORA Classic, BORA X Pure, BORA Pure and BORA Basic product ranges are sold in 60 countries worldwide.

BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer has a vision: the end of the extractor hood. The patent he developed has multiple advantages: the premium-quality systems are more effective than conventional hoods, extremely quiet, energy efficient and easy to clean. They enable maximum design freedom for kitchens and a clear view.

The company received its first award within the scope of the innovation contest “365 Orte im Land der Ideen” (365 Places in the Land of Ideas) back in 2009, followed by the German Entrepreneurs’ Award, Red Dot Awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Awards, German Brand Award, Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards and others.

For further information, please visit www.bora.com.



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