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Four life hacks for owners of steam ovens

The steam oven is a real jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen. It bakes, steams, stews, blanches and fries. That is what it is known for and why it is loved by many. But a steam oven can also make life easier in other ways. How? We reveal a few tricks that can make everyday life easier with this kitchen appliance.

Hack 1: Impress with professional skills

Do you want to blow away your guests with unusual dishes and fancy cooking skills? How about sous-vide fish cooked to perfection? No problem in the steam oven. Simply seal the food, i.e. the fish, with spices in an airtight vacuum bag, place in the steam oven and select the sous-vide function. By the way: You can also impress surprise visitors with incredible cooking skills when you have a steam oven up your sleeve! How? By heating up food. Because food reheated or defrosted in the steam oven in no time at all tastes like it has been freshly cooked.

Hack 2: Disinfecting hygienically

Because a steam oven uses steam at around 100 degrees for steaming, it is very suitable for disinfecting. Some appliances even have a special disinfecting function. Baby bottles and dummies, for example, are sterilised in no time, but all kinds of kitchen utensils, such as chopping boards or washing-up brushes, become hygienically clean so quickly. Preserving jars can also be sterilised easily.

Hack 3: Juicing made easy

Fresh fruit juice is healthy and tastes delicious. You can also quickly produce it yourself using the steam oven. To do this, place the fruit in perforated cooking containers and place an unperforated cooking container underneath to collect the juice. Place everything in the cooking chamber of the steam oven. Cut large fruits such as apples, pears or quinces into pieces beforehand. The fruits are steamed at about 100 degrees until there is enough juice. This can then be filled into bottles that have preferably already been disinfected in the steam oven.

Hack 4: Make yoghurt yourself

The only ingredients needed to make yoghurt are one litre of full-fat milk and one tablespoon of yoghurt. Then heat up the milk. This also works very well in the steam oven because the milk cannot burn. Next, mix the yoghurt with the milk, fill into previously disinfected jars and steam in a steam oven at 40 degrees for about five hours. Place in the fridge so that the yoghurt sets. A tip: The yoghurt becomes firmer with fresh whole milk. However, you should heat the fresh milk to 90 degrees before adding the yoghurt and then let it cool.

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