Recipes with two stars

Recipes with two stars

10 | 10 Senn Edition

International and light cuisine

Andreas Senn is one of Austria’s finest chefs. For his 10|10 edition, he developed recipes that are healthy, modern and beyond comparison. We captured them in photos in an old bell foundry in Salzburg, which is also home to his SENNS.Restaurant.

An outstanding dish combines many different flavours: bitter, sweet, exotic, traditional. Layer by layer, you travel through a landscape of flavours; various consistencies alternate with one another – hard then soft, firm to the bite then melting in your mouth. The same is true of Andreas Senn’s creations. This top chef from Salzburg has a knack for creating unusual combinations. His diners rave about his Alaska black cod, which he coats in white miso paste and caramelises briefly in the oven, making the fish crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. He accompanies it with asparagus, leek purée and tropical manioc with parsley and mint. Alternatively, he serves it in a Japanese dashi fish stock, traditionally made with smoked tuna and kelp. For his 10|10 creation, Andreas Senn replaced black cod with ordinary cod, which is very similar, served with asparagus and broccoli. His cuisine is flexible and knows no limits; it is global and spans many cultures.When guests enter Andreas Senn’s restaurant in Salzburg, they venture into a unique culinary world. It is footloose and fancy-free, not inhibited by local arrogance. Senn’s light and meticulously presented dishes contrast starkly with the surroundings.

SENNS.Restaurant is located in a former foundry which was part of the 17th century prince-episcopal Oberascher bell foundry. Until 2004, bells were still made there before being sent to chime throughout the world. The industrial building was subsequently converted into lofts, where various creative and fashion companies moved in, followed by Andreas Senn’s restaurant in 2015. The former industrial look is still visible. Old brick walls and iron frames create an excitingambiance that guests can even enjoy without having to don formal dress, as Senn insists on informality with regard to the dress code too. The foundry made the perfect backdrop for the photo shoot for Andreas Senn’s 10|10 edition for BORA. The requirements for 10|10 recipes are simple and straightforward.

They should take just 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. Senn naturally remained true to his style. He came up with the following combinations: ‘steamed red turnip ravioli with sheep’s milk pots, quinoa and cranberries’ and ‘char with grilled avocados, spinach, goji berries and cottage cheese’. International and light cuisine. These light dishes were then photographed in front of heavy presses and old terminal boxes or on iron staircases, lending a further, earthy touch to the many nuances of the dishes. They tie in perfectly with BORA’s kitchen philosophy, which attaches great importanceto fresh, healthy food. Andreas Senn has 2 Michelin stars, and in 2017 he was awarded 3 hats and 17 points by Gault&Millau. He is one of Austria’s best chefs. Thanks to Andreas Senn’s 10|10 edition, now anyone can enjoy top-class gastronomy at home by cooking the recipes themselves. Rarely has it been so quick and easy.