Kitchen loft framed by art

Kitchen loft framed by art

Design studio i29 was given the following brief: create a complete dwelling spanning over two floors for a writer and art collector couple.  The interior architects created a thoroughly harmonious setting with a great deal of art and design. The surroundings themselves look like a painting created with the finest brush strokes, into which the filigree-designed kitchen with BORA Pure blends harmoniously.

Amsterdam is known for its modern architecture bursting with the spirit of experimentation. This apartment building, built in a former industrial area in the north of the city, is one of them. What is special about this building: The flats were not partitioned, neither by walls nor by ceilings. This means that each owner can design their residential loft to suit their individual needs – just the right thing for a writer couple to create their own personal living space.

The pair commissioned the design studio i29 to decorate their flat – a space that spans two floors and 180 square metres – with furnishing that complements their lifestyle. As collectors of modern art, they wanted clean lines, which would accentuate their collection. With this in mind, the interior designers created a loft-like environment with high, double-storey cabinets and glass showcases for displaying the works of art. They situated the bedroom, bathroom, and office on a gallery with a glass balustrade on the top floor. The open-plan living and cooking area is located on the lower level.

Kitchen design: Design i29,

BORA Pure induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor

Photos: i29 / Ewout Huibers

A writer and art collector couple commissioned the design studio i29 to decorate their flat - a space that spans two floors and 180 square metres – with furnishing that complements their lifestyle.

Light and airy designer kitchen

The built-in cupboards and shelves are characterised by clear lines, light wood, and lots of white. This design has a clear purpose – by using neutral colour and shapes, the cupboards provide an ideal stage for the colourful sculptures and design objects in the private collection. The kitchen units and the rest of the furnishing also follow the theme of white surfaces and wood fronts. As such, the kitchen fits into the picture so well that you might not even notice it as such at a first glance. The completely white cooking island with sink and hob rounds up the design. Additionally, thanks to the BORA Pure cooktop extractor system, which is flush-integrated and fits inconspicuously into the worktop of the kitchen unit, the eye-level view of the works of art in the airy room divider remains unobstructed.

Cooking and Art: Kitchen units with the same white surfaces and light wood fronts as the rest of the furnishings create a harmonious interior and provide a stage for the works of art.

With its minimalist design, BORA Pure integrates particularly well into the overall setting, which is so easy on the eye. In standby mode, the operation of the cooktop with the extractor is almost invisible. Additionally, BORA Pure also takes a back seat acoustically: The powerful extractor fan is extremely quiet when in operation, so you can still chat at a normal volume while cooking. The residents of the Amsterdam art loft opted for an air inlet nozzle in elegant black - a timeless classic which doesn't lose its charm, even years down the line. However, if they find themselves wishing for a livelier look, they can replace the inlet nozzle with a coloured one at any time. BORA offers numerous colour variants ranging from cool blue to bright orange. In just a few simple steps, the cooktop can be transformed from a highly functional design piece into a spectacular work of art.