BORA – our values and corporate culture

BORA – our values and corporate culture

The opening of our new company site, BORA Herford, marks the next milestone in our history. We are continuing to grow and taking this as an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes: what shapes our corporate culture? What are our values and what is our mission here at BORA? 

BORA – More than cooking. 

Here at BORA we transform kitchens from functional rooms to genuine living spaces – through innovative products and services that simplify cooking and promote a healthy lifestyle. This is closely linked to our passion for professional cycling, which enables us to take the kitchen revolution onto the streets. Above all, however, BORA is shaped by the people behind the scenes. They epitomise the BORA spirit in their everyday work and convey it externally. This gives us plenty of good reason to take a look at the corporate culture, the BORA values and our mission.   

BORA is a growing company with a large number of staff. Our dynamic corporate culture is characterised by a modern and innovative philosophy, flat hierarchies and a culture of open communication. Our mission: we are revolutionising the kitchen as a living space. With extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences. We always strive to offer our customers the best cooking experience by using innovative technology, impressive functionality and outstanding effectiveness to make cooking easier. For us, BORA means far more than cooking. 

Courageous, innovative, confident, passionate about life and freethinking – the BORA values 

Here at BORA, we challenge the status quo every day. We rethink the kitchen as a living space with the utmost determination. We are courageous, innovative, confident, passionate about life and freethinking. These values are incorporated into our products and shape the friendly and mutually respectful way in which we work together.  

What exactly do the aforementioned values mean to us?  

Courageous: Here at BORA, we are courageous because we believe in ourselves and we swim against the tide at times. We seize opportunities, try things out and take on huge tasks with determination and conviction. 

Innovative: We are innovative because we rethink things and come up with unconventional ideas. Our aim is to find solutions that make it as easy as possible to develop products which significantly improve the quality of life of their users. Our love of innovation has been confirmed by awards such as the ‘Deutscher Gründerpreis’ (German Entrepreneurs’ Award), one of the most prestigious business awards in the country.  

Confident: BORA employees are confident because they shape the company’s future themselves with optimism, independence and self-determination. We know our strengths and put them to good use. We continue to blaze our trail undeterred. 

BORA Passion for life: BORA has passion for life because little things often make a big difference. We enjoy the good things and place great emphasis on shared experiences. We are incorrigible optimists and believe in togetherness and mutual support. We prioritise details which have a wow factor. 
One example of this is BORA in Mallorca 2022 – an extraordinary experience for all BORA employees, who have been brought closer together through their many shared memories. 

Freethinking: Here at BORA, we are freethinking because we approach things in an open-minded and curious way. Whether it’s an unusual idea, a new solution or a special technique. There are no limits set on thought: feasibility begins in the mind and with the desire to achieve the best results. We do things differently, in a meaningful way. We don’t accept normality. 

The fact that we’ve not just written our five values on a sheet of paper, but also implement them in our daily interactions is evident from BORA in Mallorca. In October 2022, over 450 BORA employees came together on the Balearic island of Palma de Mallorca. Courage, innovation, confidence, a passion for life and freethinking were all the heart of this joint trip away from the usual working environment.  

As BORA and cycling belong together in the same way as cooktops and downdraft extractors, all of the staff hopped onto bikes and jointly revolved their pedals 5,963,400 times to cover a total of 29,530 kilometres.  

The weekend ended with a Tour de BORA, where all employees competed in several team challenges to demonstrate their skills and team spirit. Each station reflected a BORA value and made it tangible. For example, the tug of war represented confidence. 

Want to join the BORA team and experience our unique corporate culture for yourself? Then check out our current vacancies.