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BORA – a cooktop extractor that revolutionises the kitchen

We believe in our vision of ‘the end of the extractor hood’. Cooking vapours and odours are no match for BORA – we suction them away precisely where they arise: directly at the cooktop. Enjoy fresh air, a clear view and extremely quiet operation. Best of all: BORA is suitable for any kitchen!


Physics can be so ingenious

Instead of letting cooking vapours and odours rise in the first place, we extract them at their source, directly drawing them away from the pot, roaster, frying pan or grill on the cooktop. We don’t do this by magic, but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics: creating a cross flow that is greater than the speed at which the cooking vapours rise.

Design freedom

Setting the standard for modern kitchen design BORA opens up a new range of kitchen design options: cook by the window and under eaves or on kitchen islands with no annoying hoods. BORA stands for modern kitchen design.


Quiet operation

Significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods
Conventional extractor hoods blast out around 70 decibels (A) directly at head height. BORA, on the other hand, is quieter than a sizzling steak, even when set to the highest level.


Fresh air

Cooking in comfort
BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware. This prevents cooking vapours from rising up. Grease particles are trapped in the stainless steel grease filter.


The perfect solution for every kitchen

BORA Professional 2.0

Functional aesthetics, innovative effectiveness, extra-deep dimensions, best performance –awarded as winner 2017. The heart of the system is the user interface, which now allows the cooktops and cooktop extractor to communicate with one another. This enables us to achieve optimum user friendliness and outstanding effectiveness. Everything is made possible by an intelligent control knob: from power control to the various function programmes to the temperature indicator in the knob itself.


BORA Classic 2.0

Thanks to the revolutionary central sControl+ operating panel, you have more room to cook. Appearing for the first time in a modular system, it’s not just your eyes that will be drawn to it: the touch controls are operated by a simple swipe of your index finger in a smooth hollow. What’s more, all important functions can be intuitively accessed with a tap of your fingertip. In a nutshell, elegant, extremely quiet cooking with 4 pots up to 24 cm at the same time and a wide range of cooktops to choose from.



Maximum style for your kitchen. The new BORA X Pure boasts an extra-wide cooktop with a distinctive air inlet nozzle. Surface induction allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where you place your pots and pans. This highly elegant, minimalist compact system with its innovative sControl touch controls is flush-mounted, extremely quiet and extremely intuitive.



A compact system like never before: minimalist, flush-mounted, elegant, extremely quiet and highly intuitive. The newly developed, central sControl operating panel guarantees use of the full area of the cooktop. Add your own personal touch: as well as black, the air inlet nozzle is available in five other colours.

...and which BORA system is best for you?


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