Kitchen of Contemporary Design Meets BORA X Pure

Kitchen of Contemporary Design Meets BORA X Pure

When contemporary design meets traditional elements and high-quality natural materials are combined with the BORA X Pure, we can be sure we’ll end up with a very special kitchen. In this old townhouse in Utrecht, Netherlands, the open kitchen island stands out with its extraordinary new look. 

BORA partner:
HG Meubelmakers


Architect & photographer: 
Floor Thomassen.

Facts and figures 

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands 
Kitchen design: Island kitchen of contemporary design with traditional details from the 60s and 70s 
Kitchen area: 23 square metres 
BORA products: BORA X Pure 
Materials: Four-season quartz, American walnut wood 
Architectural practice: Thomstudio  
BORA partner: HG Meubelmakers 

The vision behind the kitchen renovation 

Nothing is as it used to be in this kitchen. The owners of the old townhouse from the 1920s wanted to create something really special with their open island kitchen. Consequently, the last traces of the 90s rustic character were removed from kitchen in 2022 and all 23 square metres were renovated from floor to ceiling.  

The vision behind the renovation project was to create a room with plenty of natural light which would both offer comfort and maintain consistency with the style of the rest of the furnishings. Thanks to the help of experts from HG Meubelmakers and architect Floor Thomassen, this project was more than successful.  

To increase accessibility and get a better view of the idyllic garden, a wall was opened up in order to make room for a large glass sliding door. This gives the chef a beautiful view while cooking while also serving as a powerful, natural source of light in the daytime.  

What characterises contemporary design in kitchens? 

Contemporary elegance and subtlety. These attributes are a couple of the features of the popular interior design trend of contemporary design. This style places less emphasis on individual elements themselves and more on the room concept as a whole. It’s characterised by simplicity, the conscientious use of materials and textures and distinct shapes. It’s tailored towards contemporary aesthetics, but is also used for traditional design elements and is highly versatile.  

In keeping with the spirit of contemporary design, the basis for the charming island kitchen in Utrecht is a combination of high-quality natural materials, a mix of different textures and a touch of minimalism. The kitchen fronts are furnished with American walnut wood while the worktop is a unique piece made from four-season quartz. Space-efficient and subtle, the kitchen island provides a well-sized work surface, a sink with black taps and a dining table integrated on the side.  

Contemporary chic with BORA 

Matching the minimalist, contemporary chic of the custom-made kitchen, BORA X Pure features a surface induction cooktop and is elegantly integrated in the worktop of the kitchen units such that it’s flush with the work surface. The owners chose BORA not only because of the unique design, but also because of the convenience the user-friendliness provides. 

Rounded off with subtle details and traditional elements from the 60s and 70s, this kitchen offers more than merely a place to cook. It’s a space to live in where you can enjoy spending time with family or friends, laughing and reminiscing together.  


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