Professional kitchen for a professional chef

Professional kitchen for a professional chef

This is where BORA’s high-quality appliances meet modern minimalism. With this tasteful half-island kitchen in Bucharest, Romania, a head chef brings professionalism and elegance into his own four walls, making his personal kitchen-related dreams a reality.  

Characteristics of the kitchen 

Kitchen design: kitchen with half island 
Kitchen style: modern minimalism 
Kitchen size: 4.1m x 3.28m 
Kitchen worktop material: Silestone Negro Tebas 
Kitchen fronts material: carbon-grey brushed steel, marble effect with anti-fingerprint surface, 3D wood effect 
BORA products: BORA Pure, BORA X BO 
Location: Bucharest, Romania 
Architect: Aleksandra Manea, KUXA Studio Architect 
BORA partner: KUXA Studio 
Photographer: Sebastian Stan 

The highest standards in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design 

A pro kitchen with equally professional appliances for the home was what a head chef based in Bucharest, Romania set out to create. With his experience and passion for cooking both in a professional setting and at home, his kitchen needed to meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design.  

In cooperation with KUXA Studio and a studio architect, he was able to make his dream of his own private pro kitchen a reality in 2022. The focus of the plans for the kitchen was the consistent use of high-quality materials, durable, powerful appliances and the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. The head chef’s went for a handleless half-island kitchen with a modern-minimalist design, adding professional BORA appliances to complement this.  

A kitchen with a modern-minimalist flair 

Simplicity, sophisticated room aesthetics and minimal design elements are defining features of modern-minimalism. The key to this popular interior design style is the simple phrase: “Less is more”. This includes a reduced colour palette, open-plan rooms and sparing decor in order to highlight the natural, untainted beauty of a room. Interesting textures and high-quality materials are also important aspects.  

All these elements are reflected in the half-island kitchen in Bucharest. With an open-plan room concept, distinct shapes and understated deco elements, the kitchen effortlessly embodies the elegance of modern-minimalism. The sophisticated Silestone Negro Tebas worktop integrates harmoniously and unintrusively into the interior. Kitchen fronts made of carbon-grey brushed steel, 3D wood effects and marble effects with an anti-fingerprint surface come together as an exciting combination of materials that gives the room greater depth. This dream kitchen is rounded off with the BORA Pure cooktop and the BORA X BO steam oven

BORA appliances for pro kitchens 

Professionalism, functionality, performance – these aspects were particularly important to the head chef when choosing the appliances for his half-island kitchen. Given that he works with professional appliances as a chef on a daily basis, the appliances in his own private kitchen should be second to none. The compact BORA Pure cooktop and the professional steam oven BORA X BO managed to satisfy all his demands in this regard.  

He firstly tested both of these appliances in the KUXA kitchen studio and was immediately impressed. These systems impressed the head chef not just in terms of their performance, but also in terms of design and aesthetics. Planning a cooktop with an extractor system proved to be impossible due to the spatial restrictions. However, BORA managed to provide an ideal recirculation solution with its efficient BORA Pure cooktop in the “PURU” variant that can be customised according to your plans.  

Timeless and elegant, the BORA Pure is now mounted atop the high-quality Silestone worktop and provides the finishing touch to the charming minimalist half island. The BORA X BO sits opposite, where it stylishly integrates into the carbon-grey tall unit at an ergonomic installation height. This is where kitchen dreams come true, including those of a professional chef.