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Steam oven


Steam oven


The professional steam oven for your home.

A steamer and oven in one. Thanks to the innovative steam and hot air technology combined with intuitive operation, preparing perfect, evenly cooked everyday meals on all three levels is no longer a problem.

A premium design with a large touch display

Jet black and elegant. Precisely contoured yet confidently restrained: the X BO is characterised by high-quality glass surfaces, multi-level lighting in the stainless steel oven chamber and an operating concept that dispenses with knobs and handles in favour of a large, 19-inch touch display.

Pre-set programmes and perfect cooking results on all levels

Perfectly designed pre-set programmes enable particularly uniform cooking results and make it easier to switch from a conventional oven to cooking with steam and hot air. For perfect results every time, even when cooking on all three levels.

Fully automatic intensive cleaning

The fully automatic cleaning programme makes even cleaning a cinch. The appliance is cleaned and dried automatically – all you have to do is screw the environmentally friendly, recyclable cleaning cartridge into the centre of the oven rack.

Automatic steam extraction and effective odour filtration

BORA Smart Open automatically extracts the steam from the oven chamber before the door is opened – so it will no longer fog up unit fronts or hit you in the face. The odour filter also neutralises unpleasant odours. Changing the filter is extremely easy.

Four-point food thermometer for precisely cooked food

Thanks to the unique four-point food thermometer, the optimum cooking temperature can be determined. Located in the oven chamber, it is simply inserted into the food. There is no need to find the optimum measuring position as the measuring points always detect the coldest part of the food. The cooking process is automatically ended when the target temperature is reached.

BORA Experience

BORA X BO – test it live

Experience your dream product at a culinary event or directly in the showroom of our BORA partner in your area.

Technical information


Here you can find all of the product information about the BORA X BO.

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New software update

Get the latest update for your BORA X BO

BORA is continuously developing its products and wants to offer end users a number of optimisations with the new software update. This will improve the quality of both user navigation and contents. It should also make the BORA X BO even more user friendly.

New software update The new release includes the following features:
  • Cooldown function: thanks to the new Cooldown function, the X BO now cools down faster so that other programmes with lower temperatures, such as the cleaning or steam functions can start up sooner.

  • Revision of existing automatic programmes: for selected automatic programmes, in future the requirements for optimum preparation, such as the temperature (room temperature or chilled) or the constitution of the food (thickness of cut or type of cut) are shown as starting conditions on the BORA X BO display. The starting conditions serve as guidance for four servings. The initial time displays on programmes that use the food thermometer provide rough guidance (four servings).

  • Additional features: the update enables new automatic programmes to be run on the BORA X BO. On many programmes, QR codes provide you with direct access to the corresponding recipes on the BORA website. New icons give you more guidance on the dishes at a glance: for instance, the snowflake symbol shows you dishes containing frozen food. Keeping your BORA X BO connected to your Wi-Fi helps you to ensure that your software is up to date at all times.


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