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BORA multi-drawer

The extremely versatile heat drawer with variable functions

The BORA multi-drawer is extremely versatile and can be used in numerous ways, such as pre-heating crockery, cooking at low temperatures, keeping food warm or regenerating/defrosting food. You can use it to defrost frozen food or cook dishes at low temperatures. The functions can easily be set using the multi-drawer touchscreen or even via the BORA X BO. The multi-drawer therefore makes the perfect addition to the BORA X BO.

A heat drawer with countless uses

Defrosting, keeping warm, cooking and much more besides

The all-purpose multi-drawer is really easy to operate and features numerous preset programmes that make cooking even easier. The BORA multi-drawer is an multi-talented appliance that is second to none.

Intuitively easy to operate

Simply tap the user-friendly touchscreen to select the desired programme from the presets – or set the temperature and heating duration individually. If connected to the BORA X BO, the multi-drawer can also be controlled via its display.

Simple cleaning

All of the BORA multi-drawer’s surfaces are easy to access and quick to clean. The sophisticated design has no sharp edges or joints, so everything is sparkling clean again in a flash.

Premium materials and finish

Best quality: the BORA multi-drawer is exclusively made with carefully selected materials. The refined metal components and black glass base ensure durability and robustness. All workmanship is of the highest quality, so you can enjoy your BORA multi-drawer for many years to come.

Minimalist design

The BORA multi-drawer’s black design focuses on the bare essentials. You have two choices for the handleless front: either you adapt it to your existing kitchen units so that it blends seamlessly into your kitchen design, or you create a design highlight with the BORA glass front which perfectly matches the elegant appearance of the BORA X BO.

BORA X BO and multi-drawer

Experience professional cooking technology for your home

Both appliances feature professional kitchen technology, boast a unique timeless elegance and are designed for everyday use at home. The BORA X BO and the multi-drawer are the winning team, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment and extraordinary cooking experiences. 

Technical information

BORA multi-drawer

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