Built-in kitchen appliances by BORA.

For a healthier, more beautiful home.

We simplify cooking with intuitive products and enable a healthier lifestyle. In doing so, we create favourite places for shared memories. Our commitment: to offer holistic support that enhances people’s cooking experiences.


Boundless design freedom

Make your kitchen dreams come true, enhance your cooking experiences and find more time to enjoy shared meals. Discover more about designing your own special living space with BORA and get newly inspired by tasty recipes every single day.  

Breathtaking kitchens

Freedom that lets us breathe and kitchens that are filled with life. We transform kitchens into genuine living spaces and present breathtaking designs – created with BORA.

Healthier cooking

From optimum storage and nutrient-preserving food preparation to the enjoyment of shared meals. Our BORA products and recipe ideas help you prepare simple and healthy everyday meals.  

Innovative products

From the BORA cooktop extractor systems through the BORA X BO steam oven to the BORA refrigeration and freezing systems and BORA lighting. Built-in kitchen appliances by BORA – our holistic kitchen concept with perfectly aligned products. 

A holistic kitchen concept from a single source.

Simplify cooking with intuitive products

Storage. Marination. Cooking. Baking. Roasting. Steaming. Vacuum sealing. A cycle with perfectly aligned products.

Cooktop extractor systems

The end of the extractor hood – cooking with a clear view while surrounded by fresh air. Cooktop and extractor combined in a single appliance.

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Steam cooking and baking systems

Steam in its finest form – for cooking, steam cooking and baking. The professional steam oven for your home and the heat drawer that can do more.

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Refrigeration and freezing systems

Smart design meets effective cooling. Freshly conceived – the refrigeration and freezing systems from BORA.

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Minimalist design and maximum light – BORA lighting functionally and emotionally illuminates the kitchen living space.

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The perfect addition to your kitchen

The built-in vacuum sealer for longer-lasting food and an extraordinarily fresh taste.

The revolution in the kitchen as a living space

With a holistic kitchen concept we empower people to achieve the best cooking results. Discover what makes the BORA built-in kitchen appliances special.

Fresh air & a clear view

With BORA you cook surrounded by fresh air with a clear view of the essential: good food and the people you enjoy sharing it with.

Simple operation

Intuitive. Self-explanatory. Sophisticated. The systems are controlled by turning the control knobs or tapping or sliding.

Top performance

High-quality materials and top extraction performance united in premium products.

Simple cleaning

Convincing in everyday life. All moving parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Timeless design

Elegant design with the greatest possible functionality as the standard for a new spatial aesthetic.

Cooking with BORA

Recipes for every occasion

Our commitment: to offer holistic support that enhances people’s cooking experiences. Let our recipes inspire you. 

Crusty rye bread

Get that bakery feeling with freshly baked bread from the BORA X BO

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Porridge à la bircher

For a healthy, energy-packed start to the day

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Beef skewers with red onion and okra

Tender and succulent meat with spicy vegetables – a perfect main

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Israeli shakshuka

A vegetarian, Levantine dish made with eggs, peppers, onions and a tomato sauce

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