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BORA Events

Experience the BORA principle live

BORA not only makes innovative products but also shows what the BORA brand stands for through different events. Do you doubt that BORA systems really work as well as promised? Then come along to one of our BORA events and see for yourself how quietly and effectively our stylish, easy-to-clean cooktop extractor systems work. Anyone who has ever experienced BORA first hand opens themselves and their kitchen up to brand new possibilities. BORA events are a product experience that gives you food for thought with a simple and very successful concept: qualified BORA chefs are on hand to answer your questions as they prepare tasters on the BORA systems right before your eyes. Our BORA ambassadors are on the go all year round, giving you the opportunity to get to know BORA and its advantages close up. Whether in the BORA Cooking Truck or in your kitchen dealer’s studio. We look forward to seeing you!

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