Spelt bruschettas with mushrooms, bresaola and ricotta

Spelt bruschettas with mushrooms, bresaola and ricotta


Wash the mushrooms and cut into large pieces. Set the Tepan stainless steel grill to 220 degrees and drizzle with oil. Toast the bread on one cooking zone until crispy and fry the mushrooms on the other one. Season the mushrooms with salt and fresh thyme and finish frying. Season the ricotta with salt and pepper and spread on the crispy bread. Lay the mushrooms on top, sprinkle with pepper and garnish with thin slices of bresaola and fresh thyme.

For two people

● 2 large slices of spelt bread, halved
● 350 g mixed mushrooms (e.g. king oyster mushrooms, pearl oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, porcini, chanterelles)
● 100 g ricotta
● 2-3 sprigs of thyme
● 6 thin slices of bresaola (or cured smoked ham)
● Olive oil, salt and pepper

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