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A combined cooktop and extractor system. – Compact design for every kitchen.



Minimum volume

Always markedly quiet - even at high power levels:The reason lies in the optimal airflow and the use of an extremely low-noise fan. There are no distractions when cooking and no interruptions when entertaining.


Simple cleaning

All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the accessible, wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they take up very little space.


Oversized 4 24 cooking surface

Thanks to the central operating panel and the optimum arrangement of the cooking zones, BORA Basic offers room to cook with 4 large pots measuring up to 24cm at the same time.


Maximum storage space

At under 200mm, the low installation height and integrated recirculation unit guarantee maximum storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils in the cupboard below. Even in 60-cm-deep kitchen units, no drawers need to be shortened in recirculation mode. A change from the norm.


Compact size

Due to its compact dimensions, the system fits into almost any kitchen, even small ones, and creates room for additional wall units by eliminating the extractor hood.


Free choice of cooktop

With BORA the choice is yours. Alongside the induction models, electric cooktops with conventional radiant heating elements are also available. This means that customers will always find a suitable product at BORA.


Automatic extractor control

The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.


Variable heat retention function

You can choose from 3 heat retention levels with different temperature levels depending on how or what you are cooking. This means that you can keep your food warm at an optimum, constant temperature without any danger of burning it.



BORA Basic – a powerful duo. We have combined a high-performance cooktop and an effective extractor to create an attractive unit. Various sizes and functions offer alternatives for every kitchen.

BORA Basic Effect

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Operating films

Basic cooktop set-up
Basic power setting activation
Basic pan size recognition
Basic pause function switching on
Basic pause function switching off
Basic bridging function
Basic automatic heat-up function
Basic heat retention level
Basic short-time timer set-up
Basic automatic cut-off activation
Basic childproofing feature switching on
Basic childproofing feature switching off
Basic cooktop extractor power setting
Basic cooktop extractor set-up
Basic automatic cooktop extractor function activation
Basic automatic after-run activation
Basic filter service display
Basic filter service display reset


A loft? A house? A loft house!
Urban living with country flair
PLENTY OF ROOM for good style
Modern kitchen in a historical town house
Minimalist loft surrounded by canals
A townhouse with a difference


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