BORA recirculation unit

Technical data

Volume of activated charcoal granulate12 Litre (= 8.5 kg)
Air flow speed0.5 m / s
Activated charcoal filter, skirting,
air return hood
Galvanised metal
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
Recirculation unit with plinth
Air return hood
450 x 150 x 605 mm
455 x 153 x 720 mm
Weight11.5 kg
Service lifeapprox. 2 years

Scope of supply

  • Under - cabinet recirculation unit
  • Mounting bracket
  • 3 activated charcoal filter cartridges
  • Fine filter
  • Operating and mounting instructions

Product description

  • For purifying the air in the building
  • Tool-free filter replacement
  • Connection designed for under - cabinet fan or Naber Compair® flow 150 duct system
  • Plan for the possibility of amendments
  • Ensure a reverse-flow opening of at least 500 cm2 (such as a plinth return spring or louvred plinth)

Accessories (can be ordered separately)

  • Activated charcoal filter cartridge set UUEAPS 0 (x 3)
  • Activated charcoal filter cartridge UUEAP 0 (x 1)
  • Fine filter UUEF 3
  • UUERH 0 air return hood