BORA Gas Glass Ceramic cooktop with 2 cooking zones

Technical data

Connection voltage220 – 240 V
Maximum power consumption1.1 W
Fuse protection at least1 x 0.5 A
Regulationfreely - adjustable
Weight (incl. accessories / packaging)9.7 kg
Material surfaceSCHOTT CERAN®
Length of connection cable1 m
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
Pot holder
340 x 515 x 55 mm
330 x 410 x 45 mm
Normal burner, frontup to 1000 W
High - power burner, rearup to 2800 W

Product description

  • 2 - flame gas cooktop with high - power and normal burner
  • Childproofing feature
  • Removable pot holder
  • With gas cooktops, note locally - applicable regulations and connection stipulations!
  • If two gas ceramic cooktops CG 11 are combined with a cooktop extractor fan CKAS, then two cover plates CKAAB 0 must also be ordered as an air deflector.