BORA Hyper glass ceramic cooktop with 4 cooking zones and a cooktop extractor - recirculation

Technical data

Connection voltage380 - 415 V 2N / 3N
220- 240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Maximum power consumption7.0 kW
Fuse protection/power supply3 x 16 A
2 x 16 A
1 x 32 A
Main dimensions (width x depth x height)
(without duct connections)
760 x 515 x 196 mm
Weight (incl. accessories/packaging)25 kg
Material surfaceSCHOTT CERAN®
1-circuit hyper cooking zone front left
Power setting
2100 W ø 210 mm
3000 W
1-circuit cooking zone back left1200 W ø 140 mm
1-circuit cooking zone front right2300 W ø 210 mm
1-circuit cooking zone back right1200 W ø 140 mm
Output control1 - 9, P
Extraction system
Net exhaust air flow624 m3/h
Power control1, 2, power setting
Recirculation connection650 x 90 mm
Recirculation filter
Filter mediumSpecial activated charcoal for
kitchen odours 800 g/m2
MaterialFilter panel with fine filter
Filter area2 x 0,4 m2
Service lifemax. 150 h/1 year

Product description


  • Hyper stage
  • Automatic cut -off
  • Timer function
  • Residual heat display
  • Automatic pre - cook valve
  • Warming function
  • Childproofing feature

Extraction system

  • Power control via touch control
  • Automatic after - run (10 min.)
  • Automatic cut -off
  • Filter service display
  • Connection cable must be made available on site.
  • Mains power socket, front
  • Exhaust channel length max. 6 m