Revolution Tour in Amsterdam

Revolution Tour in Amsterdam

Revolution Tour: BORA in the air in Amsterdam

BORA in the air

If you think of Amsterdam, you are right to think of water – but that’s not all. When the BORA Revolution Tour stopped on Aambelstraat, an inlet at the edge of Amsterdam, the air became the most important element for ‘BORA in the air’.

For three days, Dutch BORA distribution partners and their end customers were able to enjoy the kitchen revolution in a spectacular setting. The BORA Cooking Chef prepared tasty snacks on all three systems – BORA Basic, BORA Classic and BORA Professional 2.0 – creating a jovial atmosphere among the guests. Even the weather played ball. Despite initial rain, blue skies and a spattering of fair-weather clouds created the perfect backdrop. The BORA event team is well practised and the events run as smoothly as the BORA systems themselves – whatever the location.

BORA in the air Amsterdam
date: 13th to 15th July, 2017
venue: Amsterdam
participant: endconsumers and retail partners