Psst, it’s getting exciting now!

Psst, it’s getting exciting now!

What's hiding behind this door? We reveal the secret and, together with the pro cyclists, take a look at the BORA research and development department in Niederndorf, Austria. There, in the “Silicon Valley” of the kitchen industry, revolutionary new product ideas and innovative solutions for the kitchen are constantly being worked on - and cooked! Some of them will enrich the BORA product world in 2021. Are you curious what the future might bring?

The pro cyclists from our BORA - hansgrohe team, in any case, could no longer keep their curiosity about the new products in check, so they sneaked off to the company's own test lab to find out a little more. And, sure enough: They were allowed to look over the shoulders of the engineers and product developers. While doing so, they were able to discover a few clues about the secret BORA product innovations that will be presented in an inspirational way as early as this summer. Behind the scenes, everyone agrees: The new products are oozing with innovative spirit. Function and design go hand in hand and are breaking new ground in the kitchen - typically BORA.

Cooking as part of high-tech product development

The team of inventors and technicians in the research and development department has grown to over 60 employees since 2018 when they moved to the new company premises. After all, BORA sees itself as a hotbed of innovation in the kitchen industry. Investments in its own innovative strength were correspondingly substantial. Of course, this also includes a test kitchen where the functionality of the products is tested in real applications using countless and diverse recipes. Ultimately, it's all about making the cooking experience as simple, as efficient and as attractive as possible for customers. As a global company, the test chefs develop recipes that reflect the habits and preferences in different countries. From paella from Spain, pizza from Italy and schnitzel from Germany to fish dishes from the North Sea.


Investment in BORA's very own spirit

With passion and a pioneering spirit, the development engineers continue on the path that company founder Willi Bruckbauer set out on in 2005 with his vision of an innovative cooktop extractor - and in doing so, they are conquering completely new horizons together with the product management team. BORA is now (summer 2021) redefining the kitchen living space in many ways. The tried and tested is being re-imagined and, as a result, becoming more functional, more straightforward and more beautiful - simply better.

As with the initial vision about the end of the extractor hood, the focus is, as always, on the benefit to the customer: our aspiration that cooking should, above all, be fun and enjoyable. The ideas from Inntal form the basis of this. Even if we are not allowed to divulge any more at the moment, this much can be revealed in advance: With its new products, BORA is moving further into the kitchen living space and will offer considerably more inspiration for every kitchen in the future. That's a promise.


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