10|10 Meister Edition

10|10 Meister Edition

# The end of the extractor hood

The end of the extractor hood marks the beginning of more freedom, beauty, functionality and efficiency in today’s kitchens. With its award-winning cooktops and cooktop extractors, BORA is revolutionising the design and function of kitchens. Not only can you enjoy fresh air while cooking, but thanks to its innovative technology, BORA is also considerably quieter than conventional extractor hoods, easier to clean, more effective and sets the standards for a new kitchen architecture which focuses on users’ needs.

Welcome to the world of BORA.

10|10 – the idea

Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated. This was the idea behind the development of our 10|10 principle. Healthy and delicious meals that are quick and simple for anyone to make. All dishes require just 10 minutes preparation time and 10 minutes cooking time.
A healthy, balanced diet is essential – particularly for athletes. It promotes well-being, improves the mood, supports performance and helps in the rest and recovery periods. During races and intense training, our BORA – hansgrohe cyclists are looked after by nutritionists and team chefs. To help them maintain a good and healthy diet at home without too much effort, we joined forces with BORA and BORA – hansgrohe chef Vroni Lutz to put together a new edition featuring recipes from and for the team.
It’s not only practice that makes perfect – nutrition also plays an important role in the success of our cyclists. And there’s no shortage of success in the BORA – hansgrohe team. These dishes have been inspired by our national champions from Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Vroni Lutz has put a new spin on these popular, national dishes, creating 10 delicious recipes that fit the bill as the food of champions.
We hope you enjoy cooking, serving and tucking into all the dishes in our Champion’s Edition!

Our champions

BORA – hansgrohe has been on the road as a professional team since 2010 and in the UCI WorldTour since 2017. The squad is made up of 27 cyclists, including all-rounders, climbers, sprinters and general classification specialists. Three-time UCI world champion and six-time national champion Peter Sagan may be the team’s poster boy, but he is certainly not the only title-holder.
Every year in June, just before the Tour de France, most countries hold their own national championships. Although the team brings together riders from 10 different nations, there are some countries where our guys have been particularly successful and keep coming out on top. This cookbook contains recipes from three German, two Austrian, two Slovak and two Polish champions. This special edition has been compiled by BORA and BORA – hansgrohe team chef Vroni Lutz. The featured dishes are not only national specialities, but also incorporate some of our champions’ favourite ingredients and flavours.