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10 | 10 fire & water-Edition

10 | 10 fire & water-Edition

Cook like a pro: cyclists from the BORA - hansgrohe team reveal what they like to cook at home.

Our idea: delicious, healthy food can still be quick and simple. After all, many people have little time to cook amid the stress of everyday life. We therefore invented the 10|10 concept: all recipes serve four and are not only wonderfully delicious and healthy, but also take just 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook, so the dishes are ready to be served in next to no time.This principle is also ideal for our BORA - hansgrohe riders. It enables them to enjoy quick and healthymeals at home even when they are not racing. The recipes in this 10|10 edition were devised byAndreas Senn, a creative young chef from Salzburg who has been awarded two Michelin stars. His recipes offer inspiration and invite you to recreate them. They also demonstrate that BORA products make even Michelin-star cooking possible in no time at all.Enjoy Michelin-star-quality food fit for athletes in the comfort of your own home. Our BORA - hansgrohe professionals love the simple yet creative dishes – and we are sure that you will too! There are also a few tips on how to present the food.We hope you enjoy making, serving and eating our dishes!


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