BORA Vivere



Scopri Bora

Tu sei

BORA Vivere

Bora Scopri



dei canali

Grilled Calamari

Salmon sashimi

Miso soup

Beef salad

Teriyaki Chicken

Udon noodle salad


Duck with plum sauce

Tuna with lotus root

Rice pancakes with prawns

Lafers' tomatoes with baked Burrata

Flank steak with vegetables

Pickled scallops and radishes

Buttermilk Pancakes with icecream

Poussin breast with Styrian salad


Pretzel croutons

Fruit pizza


Inntal walnut bread

Steamed red turnip ravioli

Breast of guinea fowl

Cod with miso

Melon gazpacho with tuna & tomatoes

Veal tenderloin á la Saltimbocca

Duck breast with asparagus

Red prawns, cirus fruits & bean vegetables

Cuttlefish, passion fruit & Jerusalem artichoke

Char with grilled avocados

Thai beef salad with mint and coriander

Five greens, buckwheat & golden trout

Spelt & beetroot salad

Chia pudding with coconut & raspberries

Steamed sea bass with topinambur

Quinoa maki with avocado and tuna

Wild salmon, sugar snap peas & topinambur

Pea and matcha tea soup

Corn-fed chicken with topinambur flakes

Venison fillet with kohlrabi

Goat-curd schmarrn with cranberries

BORA fire & water_Making of

Spelt Kaiserschmarrn pancakes

Cod in malt beer and spelt batter

Roast muesli bars & roast lettuce hearts

Grilled halibut with chestnuts

Beef fillet strips à la 'Borscht'

Sweet potato carbonara, baby spinach

Veal rolls with herb salad

Celeriac, sautéed mushroom & blueberry piccata

Surf & Turf on a lemongrass skewer

Steamed chicken in banana leaves

Avocado, red onion & buffalo wrap

Beetroot couscous with apple and herring

Roasted cauliflower

Spelt spaghetti, tomatoes, Parmesan & basil

Pumpkin, soya beans and cranberries

Couscous with grilled beef

Buckwheat blinis

Pearl barley risotto with feta cheese

Beef burger with coleslaw and avocado

Grilled rainbow trout with quinoa

Pad Thai with tofu and chicken

Chickpea patties

Pancakes with Jerusalem artichoke syrup

Bulgur and red lentil risotto

Shiitake mushrooms in tempura batter

Millet canneloni with spinach and feta

Beetroot dumplings with fried mushrooms