A complete system with a functional guarantee – Everything from a single source for more quality down to the last detail.

A complete system with a functional guarantee.

BORA system products complement the product ranges to create a harmonious all-round system for recirculation and exhaust air solutions. The perfectly aligned components offer you optimum performance and a 100 % functional guarantee.



complete system

Everything under one roof:BORA offers perfectly coordinated components - from the cooktop extractor system to the wall sleeve and the recirculation filter.Because only a complete system can guarantee optimal performance to the client.Uncompromising, effective and silent.

Optimal extraction performance with the lowest possible noise level

With significantly reduced pressure loss in comparison to usual exhaust systems, the BORA Ecotube plus 3box wall sleeve optimises the extraction performance and the generation of noise.Even longer, more complicated exhaust channels can be attained without the installation of an additional fan.

effective odour removal

Fresh, odourless ambient air in the whole kitchen:The air cleaning boxes and integrated filter solutions effectively remove unpleasant odours in recirculation mode - and for a long time.

energy-saving fans

Cutting-edge fans with the latest motor technology guarantee the highest level of energy efficiency and smooth operation at maximum performance.

matching accessories

Whether sockets, woks or cooktop frames – the comprehensive range is perfectly suited to the cooktop extractor system in both function and design.

own duct system

BORA offers a tailor-made air duct system of our own design.The advantage:BORA Ecotube is always installed quickly, easily and securely – regardless of where it is placed. The reason:A special sealing concept.Without the need for cumbersome glueing.

100% BORA - 100% function warranty

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