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History and Vision





The year 2020 is off to a triumphant start with the successful BORA Classic 2.0 and BORA Pure receiving more prestigious awards and the new BORA X Pure picking up awards before it has even officially launched. 
BORA X Pure, the new addition to the compact product range, will celebrate its official première at the EuroCucina international trade fair in Milan. The new BORA X Pure boasts an extra-wide cooktop with a distinctive air inlet nozzle. Surface induction allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where you place your pots and pans. This compact system is extremely intuitive with its sControl touch controls. 
The BORA building opposite BORA’s birthplace – the werkhaus – has long been the company’s head office, but it will celebrate its reopening in March after undergoing a spectacular, full renovation. 
The BORA – hansgrohe cycling team is aiming high to top the 2020 WorldTour rankings, a big ambition that benefits us too as their sponsor. It gives us even greater publicity and expands our reach, maintaining our shared values of dynamism and movement. 
We are continuing to invest in research and development to ensure we have what it takes to remain at the forefront of cooktop extractor system innovations. Digitalisation is a top priority across all areas of the business.



Bora in 2019: 13 years after BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer, following the wishes of his customers, developed a perfect cooktop extractor: today, it is synonymous with effectiveness in the kitchen, design, quality—that is: a classic, the original. Following its self-image as a trendsetter, BORA will present two innovative and revolutionary new products at the Cologne interior design trade fair at the beginning of the year. Ongoing development of BORA Classic 2.0, which has already received the 2019 Iconic Award from the German Design Council, sets new standards with a concise design and optimised operating and control concept. BORA Pure is an innovation for everyone. It stands for puristic, minimalist design. It is intuitive and easy to handle, colour-customisable and effective—a class of its own.
To reach and inspire even more people, BORA uses social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube much more. For this reason, the innovative company continues its commitment to cycling and has extended the sponsorship contract until and including 2021. Dynamism and movement are values shared by BORA and the BORA – hansgrohe team. BORA benefits enormously from the international media presence of the cycling team of the tree-times world champion Peter Sagan.  
The BORA high-rise will shine in new impressive splendour this year.



The revolution continues in 2018: with the Revolution Tour hoisted above prominent landmarks throughout Europe; with BORA's eye-catching trade fair appearances at EuroCucina in Milan and area30 in Löhne; and with the BORA – hansgrohe cycling team picking up national champion titles as well as team captain and three-times world champion Peter Sagan taking the yellow jersey after winning stage two of the Tour de France. The Austria- based division of our now over 200 employees was able to move into an impressive new company building in May. The building’s architectural design reflects the values of the company and bears the hallmark features of company founder and master carpenter Willi Bruckbauer: modern, haptic, with a focus on few materials and traditional regional references. The new premises provide the R&D team with even more room for the innovative product developments that lie at the heart of BORA’s philosophy. This is where the products are created that bring us ever closer to our vision of the end of the extractor hood. BORA received the Top100 award this year. Preparations for a successful 2019 are already underway.



2017 is marked by our ‘Revolution 2.0’, which involves taking our icon, BORA Professional, to the next level, i.e. 2.0. We retained all of the tried-and-tested elements – such as the extra-deep cooktops, the knobs and the efficiency – and enhanced other aspects with a view to combining simplicity, functionality and optimum performance in a single, electrically controlled system.

These ambitions were already rewarded by the judges of the red dot award before the system was even launched on the market. We are delighted to have received the ‘Best of the Best’ award as part of the 2017 red dot award.

In 2017, we have also taken our cycling revolution to a whole new level, with our team moving up to the ‘Champions League’ of cycling – the UCI World Tour. We are supported in this venture by our new co-sponsor, Hansgrohe. BORA is using this cycling activity to specifically support its export campaign and raise its profile worldwide.

Another highlight this year is BORA in the air, a literally ‘heavenly’ dining experience. As part of the Revolution Tour, we are hoisting our glass-cube kitchen into the air in various European cities. As well as offering healthy finger food, scrumptious snacks and a breath-taking panoramic view, the main idea is to give potential customers a chance to experience BORA.



BORA has already won some prestigious awards in 2016. The ICONIC Award, the German Design Award and the German Brand Award confirm the success of the product and company.

The number of BORA employees has now reached triple digits, with a workforce of 138 at the end of 2016. Each and every one of our employees is convinced of our vision and does their utmost day in day out to turn it into a reality.



The company took over as the main sponsor on 1 January 2015, and the team now competes under the name BORA - ARGON 18 in the most important races, including the Tour de France, the European Classics - known as the 5 Monuments - and many other cycling highlights around the world.

Some of BORA’s 120 employees are also heading upwards as of the end of 2015. Thanks to the company’s healthy growth, it has taken on new office space on the 7th and 8th floors of a striking tower block with impressive views in Raubling. This should give the 125 employees planned for the end of the year enough space to work effectively.



BORA's international expansion was also continuing apace. As well as 29 countries in Europe, BORA was already exporting to Australia and New Zealand by 2012. The first BORA showroom opened in Sydney in 2014. Other markets BORA is currently targeting include the Middle East and South Africa. We are currently promoting the end of the extractor hood with the BORA Professional, Classic and Basic in 34 countries.



It was still full speed ahead in the company’s sixth year of existence: the BORA Basic all-in-one system was launched onto the market and, from a standing start, was awarded the Plus X Award as the product of the year 2013. As every year, the product portfolio was expanded, as are employee numbers, which had now reached 47. This level of growth required geographical change. BORA moved into its own premises, with new headquarters in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, and opened its own training centre for retail partners and installation engineers.



2012 could be described as the international year in the company’s development. Export activities were reinforced leading to the foundation of national companies in Austria and Australia. As a result, BORA presented itself to an international audience for the first time at the famous Eurocucina show in Milan. BORA Classic was awarded the red dot product design award, the product range was steadily increased and 27 employees had their hands full coping with the constant increase in demand for the innovative BORA cooktop extractors.



The following year saw dynamic growth for BORA: 15 permanent employees and a constant expansion of the product portfolio.



2010 was the breakthrough year - and another award came in. With six employees, the company moved to new offices, BORA Classic was launched and BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH was awarded the German Startup Prize.



In 2009, the company received its first award with the “365 Places in the Land of Ideas” prize. The focus switched to Switzerland, with the market there covered for the first time. The BORA team grew to three employees, who then also provided planning support for retail partners.



In 2008, not only was the BORA Professional cooktop extractor launched on the market, it was joined by the BORA Professional Gas Cooktop and a Tepan Stainless Steel Grill. At the same time, work started on the development of the induction and Ceran cooktops. Now with two employees, export activities to Benelux, Austria and South Tirol could begin.



Willi Bruckbauer founded BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH to promote his idea of making a more attractive kitchen the most important room in the house. One of his key resolutions is: “We can, should and must rethink the status quo.”



BORA is a young company which has rewritten history even in a short time. Its rapid growth began when Willi Bruckbauer developed and patented his first cooktop extractor system, the BORA Professional, in 2006. The next year, he founded BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH with one employee.




We are committed to the principle of simplicity. Our products are easy to understand, easy to plan, easy to install and easy to service. We even follow the principle of simplicity in our market development and internal organisation.



BORA is different. We represent differentiation. This relates to not only our products but also our attitude, our communications and our behaviour on the market. We offer surprises – through our products and our marketing: the BORA Truck, the cycling team, the TV adverts – think different.



‘Premium’ at BORA means excellent quality, an eye for detail, outstanding customer benefits and unique design in the relevant range. This definition forms the basis of our positioning. At BORA, premium includes innovation and durability – as manifested by our extended warranty.



We are transparent. We are open. We are reliable. When working with our development partners, global distribution partners and employees, we live by the value of reliability as a cornerstone of our relationships.



We are dynamic. We develop products, markets and people. Dynamism is part of who we are. We search for and offer opportunities, therefore helping our employees to develop. We are dynamic in every regard – in our energy, our fitness and our search for new challenges. Our commitment to cycling goes perfectly with this dynamism.



We have a strong sense of national identity. We are committed to this in everything we do. We are cosmopolitan yet strongly rooted. Our employees and our products are from our region for the world.Our quality and our products are from here. BORA is Made in Germany and Made in Austria. We are committed to this.



We are concentrated and focused. We develop cooktop extractors and put all of our energy, curiosity and skills into this business field alone. We are never distracted. We are specialists, not generalists. We develop for a niche, which has become a market in its own right. We are the original. We are the synonym. We are the cooktop extractor.