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ULBF 1xx

BORA air purification box flexible

Suitable for system, air cleaning boxes
EF47/1 0xx

BORA Ecotube shallow duct 47mm

Suitable for system, duct system
USDF 0xx

BORA shallow silencer

Suitable for system, silencers
CFI11 0xx

BORA Classic surface induction glass ceramic cooktop with 2 cooking zones

BIA 0xx

BORA Basic induction glass ceramic cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor - Exhaust air

PFI11 0xx

BORA Pro surface induction glass ceramic  cooktop with 2 cooking zones

HIW1 0xx

BORA induction wok pan

Suitable for accessories & spare parts, universal accessories
PURU 0xx

BORA Pure induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor - Recirculation